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met so many nice people today!
was doing iac with sufang at town. roam around town for research. and met with many helpful people. we were so so lucky.{ハッピー}
sufang even brought me to cine level 9 to surf for jap + kor imported stuffs! pics selling at $2 ea while i can develop it at 30cents.
the shop is packed with loads of Johnny JR, SMTOWN stuffs.

after met up with ASHLEY!
show her some DBSK stuffs introduced her to the art of DBSK. mickey is cute.
yamapi is dashing.
xiah is charming.
eunhyuk is {ドキドキ}.
sungmin birthday is coming!!{ケーキ}

finally online

i can blog.
internet have been crap the last few days due to taiwan's earthquake.

msia's YES(year end sale) was cool.{グッド}
bought mango items at cheap cheap cheap prices.
but didn't had time to shop.

new year is coming! 010107.
it's pink in colour too.

the worst thing is school.{メモ}
for me, i'm gonna attend school for 3 weeks and then it'll be 2 weeks break and final exams.{ごめんなさい}

is the world ending soon?

early merry xmas

i'm bored.
so bored.
so i dig out all my past photographs.
that time i took when i was in newyork.

so yeah.
here you go!{ラブラブ}

oh! kiss the radio just ended.{グズン}

rainrainrain everyeveryday

it has been pouring for days{雨}
till macritchie reservoir became flooded.
poor cars{車} which are parked at the carpark. they are all submerged in the waters.
it was such a hilarious sight.{赤ちゃん}
bus74 didn't went it's usual route today.

yay! i'm happy.

shalala happy

the mail is recieved{メール}
waited for like 2 days.
2 very long days.

i'm one step closer to heaven!{超びっくり}

can't wait. 20 mins more!{さる}


what happens when you mix donghae and yunho together?

eyes like donghae's while nose,lips,chins like yunho.

pondering on my future

where am i supposed to be after i graduate{メモ}?
or rather,
where do i want to go?

- work in singapore's i.r.
- go to nus or smu
- work as air stewardess (can fly{飛行機} around the world)
- go to korea to study fashion{リボン} (if gina's there)
- nyc to find mom
<小>- study there
- work there
- live off my mom there{ラブ}</小>

if all fails,
- errr. i hope it does not.
- or maybe i will inherit the shop house and bake cookies.


where should i go?
i really dread semester 2! argh.
2 more years to go. =D


the tides danced with time,
with waves splashing cries.
the moment stood frozen,
as ice become molten.

hearth of the heart,
allurement, seduction.
locked in the locket,
enchantment, captivation.

a wish is cast,
and come true it must.{キラリ}


merrry shopping

{買物}i shopped till i drop,
we walked till we our feet sulk.{ハイヒール}
{ラブ}our emotions were superbly positive,
while our cash are dangerously negative.{お金}


three cheers for midnight shopping!{パチパチ}

it's red rainbow day!

happy birthday{ケーキ} to you anna.

we celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. and she almost forgot her birthday lah.{げっ}

there was total of 12 of us including anna who went to marina square's Hans for dinner. was super hungry!

front row jialing,me,BDAY GIRL ANNA, SUFANG
second row matt, guanji, cecilia, vincent, edwin, harris, ben, koonchin

after that cec,sf,ed,vin and matt went home to rush their {パスタ}F&B{ビール} project.

thehe rest of us went to chill out at esplanade rooftop and later was invited to Aria by shuying. had complimentary free drinks{カクテル}! the drinks was so so nice.{グッド}


PS: F&B indiv and WCOM is finally O-V-E-R!
2 down 6 more to gooooooooooooo~~ zooomzoomzzzoom{車}

i fell

i pole danced and fell yesterday at the overhead bridge near our school. luckily i left 2-3 steps. hit the ground hard. and i cut my knees even though i wore jeans. hurts alot!!{グズン}

i laugh i laugh i laugh laugh laugh!

i want my happy pills.

i wonder what is like in the working industry.
sharks and crocs everywhere.

i'd prefer the simplicity.
minds are so complex.

i want to laugh everyday in the future.

sloth + gluttony. X(


eh er ahhhh~

deadlines are near.
i'm gonna tear
becos i'm filled with fear.

exams are horror,
cause i know i would error.
but my daily dose of SUPER JUNIOR

will keep me going all day long.{ピース}

how i pass my time on sat

so sorry to yl. didn't accompany to take your phone.{携帯}

chjimes during saturday for fine dining course.

after that, shopping{買物} with fel. met justin too, fel's boyfriend. then we also went to vivo and played around, when sarah and kelvin fetch us to west coast.

xmas treat #5

aka, pick me up. ate this at chjimes. yummmy~


FINALLY OVER FOR ME to be performing in stagewerkz{パチパチ}{パチパチ}. so... it was alright overall{OK}. not forgetting any lyrics but, i'm still like a wood. hahaha.{マイク}

we had grooming and ettiquette lessons today. amy was nice. she teached us many stuffs. about sitting properly, and sit properly for the whole lesson. it was a difficult task for me!
learned about the face shape. mine was oval. good for any hairstyle{ピース}. hahaha

then my face is healthy but dehydrate.{晴}
then came the makeup. gj says we like wayang like that. washed our face before that. was super mahfan, what cleanser, den toner and vitamin c. i use water to wash only.....
makeup was fun! like colouring lesson. not bad. but it was so tedious. jialing told me her friend use to wake up at 4am every morning just to make up.

no way i'm gonna sacrifice my sleep!

so the 4th treat for xmas is??

i'm not too sure

but this look good enough..
xmas sugar cubes!

a block of wood

i think i was a plant in my last life. a tree{ツリー} perhaps. cause i'm forever a wood when i'm singing. no facial expressions nor action. therefore, i can't dance. so i wonder what will happen to me tmr at ba_stagewerkz.{プンスカ}

today, i had japanese speaking test. was so nervous that my mind was totally blank!{曇} but, i talked alot to some of my classmates, all ha!ri one. animes, jdramas, manga....

anyway, #3 xmas treat is....

Christmas cookies are traditionally sugar cookies (though other flavors may be used based on family traditions and individual preferences) cut into various shapes related to Christmas. In the United States, since the 1930s, children have left cookies and milk on a table for Santa Claus{サンタブーツ} on Christmas Eve.

i'm not stupid!

i like this pic. cause the scenary{チューリップ} and people is nice!

so we put our hands together in the right hand side lift of block 56,ngee ann poly. anna shouted "BCA GROUP". kc, ed, vin, y2 followed along. and then the lift door open.
must work really hard, especially getting busted{爆弾} by the PBL tutor. i have no idea what's his name.

we were supposed to present our BCA PBL part 1 today. but he didn't accept it because, simply, he says it is so "stupid".

was feeling bad cause didn't contribute at all in the project and was kc doing the one woman show. いしょうにべにょうします!がんばって!

2nd xmas{ツリー} treat would be


In about 1670 the choirmaster there had sticks of candy bent into the shape of a shepherd's crook and passed them out to children who attended the ceremonies on xmas.

old friend

i was on my way home on bus 74{バス} when i met evan at njc bus stop also boarding 74.

so yeah, we chatted and gossiped a bit.

felt awkward at first. but in the end it was okay.
{ワイン}cheers for friendship!

i've been thinking about important treats for xmas.
1st on my list is.......

Buche de Noel!  aka YULE LOG
it's a french dessert.
how it comes about...

Napoleon I of France issued a proclamation requiring households in Paris to keep their chimneys closed during winter, based on the notion that cold air{ため息} caused medical problems.
This prevented Parisians from being able to use their fireplaces, and, thus, prevented them from engaging in many of the traditions surrounding and involving the hearth{火} in French Christmas tradition.

French bakers, according to the theory, invented{ひらめき} this dessert{ショートケーキ} as a symbolic replacement around which the family could gather for story-telling and other holiday merriment.

{雪}so xmas'sy right?

xmas xmas is a month away

<中>{結晶} i'm so in the christmas mood.</中>

it's edwin's bday!

wulalaa, i am a super good actress{ピース}. me and harris managed to trick edwin that jialing met with an accident{雷} thats why guanji and her cannot attend his birthday. then vincent go spray whip{うんこ} cream on edwin's head.

gj made a super nice video{テレビ} of us complied together.
ate alot alot alot.
so tired now.{スリープ}

happy birthday to you!{ケーキ}


anyway, i'm so so tired{スリープ} and bugged out by projects.
can die.
anyway, i like our poa tutor alot. her reaction is always so cartoon, especially when our class duo, ed&vin sings teenage mutant ninja turtle.

i'm going to work hard{メモ} this semester! chiong ah chiong!

is it right?

i shall blog about my l.v. trip after i get some pictures.

anyway, today started happily, as i am finally back in school.

but tonight wasn't that good. my day was ruin by a father hitting, slapping, pinching a 10 year old girl in the public. it was a horrible sight. furthermore, it was a supposed to be a family dinner where the mother and 1bro and 1sis were there. the girl was the oldest child. i have no idea what happened. just saw a father brutally hitting a helpless girl. anna cried, many were upset.

but noone did anything. edwin called the police where they came too late, the family have already went off. i even overheard the mother blaming the child after the incident "see la! it's all your DESERVE it!".

i question, what could a child do to deserve such abuse from a father. the father a such a strong man, and when he slap her, it was loud enough for us at the second floor to hear it. her face was red with those hitting after that. i don't kn…

fly fly fly to L.V.

in about 4 hours time, i'll be boarding on a plane{飛行機} to lasvegas.{サイコロ}

it's so fast. so many endurance. i really need a break!{もみじ}

don't miss me. cause i won't miss singapore at all! maybe my laptop. thats all. so yeah, dont waste your precious brain cells.



TIME{時計} really passes by very very fast.

the tutors that i like this module is the POA, MACRO, LMS and a lil. of IAC.

anyway, today i've sweat alot alot alot.{涙}
when me and pearl went to collect tha blazers, rushing to tutorial.
then went to play pool at bukit timah plaza with mat and gj. i'm the  lousiest. then walked back to school for bacomm.{CD}

today bacomm was quite nice. luckily didn't skip. i was super nervous and was practically shivering when i was singing. also tried learning dancing from jl! but can't groove and act sexy lor.

2 more dayyyy!

singapore is well known for the greens{ヤシの木}. however, due to the greens, i was stuck in the traffic for an hour along macrichie road. so i took 2 hours to go home.
some passengers even left the bus{バス} to set foot{ダッシュ} back. while i was doing my macro tutorial{メモ} in the freezing{結晶} bus. luckily i brought my jacket to school today cause i expected rain.

weijie had an accident today. it was raining{雨} and we are walking down the stairs from 72's lift to canteen 1.
then, he practically slide down the stairs. he was laughing all the way so we laughed together with him.
furthermore, he made us laugh non-stop when he told us about his dapao which flew when he fall the other day. he is terribly hilarious.
but please take care lah.{OK}

had lasvegas meeting where the people was informed the wrong venue. harris and matt went to the muslim society instead. damn damn funny. but i'm looking forward to the trip!{おばけ}

jap lesson was nice{グッド}. though it's getting real hard to catch …

countdown to 4 days more!

4 days more!
was with ashley on sat for shopping and sun for studying. my eyes are so so swollen!{ぱんだ}

my wcom group decides to do a topic on homosexuals for project. okay, pearl and christabel sure have alot of friends. so good for interviews.

anyway i think god knows that i lack of money. i was waiting at the busstop{バス} beside the amk mrt station. then, suddenly, a 2 dollar note flew. it was dropped by a guy boarding the bus.
one malay auntie pointed at it.
before i could react, another obasan around the age of 50-60 took it away and gave a smirk {げっ}. so i didn't cherish the chance i had.

and i think i am too engross with the world of internet{パソコン}. i told my father to delete the paper i gave to him instead of asking him to throw it. maybe in the future i would use more computer language.

btw, did you know that cutlery is used for cutting? flatwares are fork and spoons{食事}?

heechul: {アヒル}nonono! duk not dak.

how i hhopeee

i hope that super junior would come to singapore when Rain(bi) comes for his concert!{キラリ}

letting go.

i didn't realise i was that stress over this week.i have been feeling really down since wednesday. furthermore, it was only the 2nd week since the term started.

it's my stepmom who told me to relax. was wondering why and suddenly felt like crying. she said that i'm too stress and have looked upset this few days. i thought about it too.

this are some of the many symptoms.
eating alot!
- this morning i thought i was not going to finish that huge plate of fishball quaetiao. but 20 mins later, the food was gone.

dazing off while eating
- i just eat and eat and not concentrating on eating. like this morning and last night dinner at the market.

losing interest in things
- jap lesson on wed, i didn't feel that excitment i had before.

elt like eating chocolates
- all the time, yesterday had a bar of meiji dark chocolate. was v nice.

waking up with super bad mood
- i was feeling so bad this morning that i didn't want to talk. even if i talk i'll shout.

then, i thought …


it may sound weird.
but a cat{ねこ} just appeared on my window. sitting there.

probably it wants to eat the birds.{ひよこ}


Oh! i went to watch DEATHNOTE{テレビ} at grand cathay with 3 guys. mainly, zephan, weijin and yuelong. the girl's aren't free i guess and waisze have already watched it.

so~ i'm surrounded by an over powering sense of YANG QI.

love L in the movie. he's so so so eccentric till he's super cool. hahahaha!{ラブラブ}

anyway we went to play arcade at plaza singapura after that. time crisis with yuelong the professional with license shooter. he used a dollar to play{コントローラー} till level three! while i used three dollars to play till level 2 only.
play the picture game where we choose the differences.
and see one family spend alot of money{お金} on the game where they need to scoop those presents{プレゼント} up. damn rich.

i love lhj!

i've been thinking. i think my furture partner must be able to make me laugh. and it's easy. hahaha.

he's so suitable!{キューピット}{さる}


shopping with ashley

i went shopping{買物} with ashley yesterday. we did not shop much since i overslept. was waiting for her sms{携帯} and since she did not sms i continue my sleep{うさぎ}{スリープ}. while she on the other hand was waiting for me to wake up and message her {げっ}.

i initially wanted to buy a pencil case. and i saw one volleyball one. but it is really for kiddos. so i didn't buy it. but it was really cute!

i bought this magazine instead. ayumi was in the cover. she is so pretty. very princessy {王冠}indeed. kinokuniya is my most favourite places of all in orchard!{ラブ}

i can't wait to go to vivalasvegas~
yingying you must stay strong!{ガッテン}

illegability .

i am so happy now.{ハッピー}
school of IS have approve my transfer of class from thursday to wednesday. so i'll have chishiho sensei! she is great. furthermore, i just had jap lesson at C.C just now, it's really a big gap of standards.
i guess the language is better taught by someone who is from the country.
really, i feared alot when i was passing up the form.

anyway i went for LMS today and the tutor was Mrs Susan Leung though she wants us to call her Ms Susan. She is the first tutor name i could remember and leave the most impact on me. she is so capable, having 3 or 4 jobs? 3 boys? 2 dogs? i wonder how many hours she have a day{なんで} i am also curious{はてな} about how many degrees she hold too. she is definately living her life to the fullest!{汗}
however, she is a strict teacher. but reasonable too, i keep have the impression that she is like the teacher who is in the Queen's Classroom. we'll see how when the time{時計} pass by.

went home today and baked even more cookies.…

pig, hai~

i skipped school today. overslept{スリープ} again! and everyone loves my chocolate chip cookies. haha. it is baked with loads of love{ラブラブ} in it, the whole time i was humming{ルンルン} super junior's song(miracle + U) and thinking of eunhyuk{さる}. lol.

yesterday's jap lesson was super fun{グッド}. sensei was nice and her lessons was fun. made loads of friends after that. nelly, my long time internet{パソコン} friend was in the class too! i want to transfer in there. but i do not have a valid reason.

i am late again.

i woke up late today{爆弾}. so i did not went for the first F&B lecture.

i baked chocolate chip cookies instead{うさぎ}.

also, i've just got informed that i've been selected for the las vegas trip{飛行機}. pearl also have been selected!

i'm going school later for the LV trip briefing as well as jap class. cheers~{ハッピー}

and i watched rob-b-hood yesterday with sarah

so little money.

i'm so in need of money{お金} and i don't want to work.

first day of school{学校} today. and learnt nothing, macro lecture was boring. and i've finally cut{はさみ} my long long hair. my head feels so light now.  i can blow my fringe~{ため息}
my hair was done at heatwave. did treatment + haircut for a price of $61.

hang out with edwin and vincent as well as jialing and at lunch we went alumni with guanji and shuying. we went to venezia for ice cream{かき氷} at marina square.

had dinner at food republic. all of us ate prawn noodles.{ラーメン}
okay, i had more of the soup and the ingredients than the noodles. the soup was outta the world{地球}.

after that we headed to do abit of light window shopping at mango, topshop, zara. we also visit shuying at ARIA. went home after that.

i need cash cash cash! i like {さる} and {魚} and raccoon.

TRM cruise onboard superstar virgo!

finally home{家}. from cruise yesterday. enjoyed myself overall and played till i'm finally K.O.{ぶた}{スリープ}
the only regret was that i was not able to watch sunrise{晴}.{プンスカ}

the first night was a nice supper and a nice walk at deck 12 and 13. the wind was super cooling. then the bunch of us went to celeb disco for dancing.

woke up the second day too late to catch the sunrise. i forgot what happened in the day. but in the evening, went for a pre dinner snack the the pool where there is a performance and of course YUMMY FOOD! ate prawns and papadum.

after that went for a dinner{食事} where everyone dressed{リボン} very nicely. i remembered that the swordfish was super yummy and the dessert is heavenly!

after that went to the madi gras party at galaxy of stars{流れ星}. but were super boring. so we went to the cards room to play murderer instead!

at midnight we headed to the lobby to enter into the casino in groups. smuggled in of course. and at 1am, we went to sing karaoke{マイク}! edwin was th…

mahjong again @ zephan's

another day of mahjong at zephan. was treated with very good hospitality by zephan and his mother today. ate nice hawaiian and teriyaki chicken pizza{グッド}! superb! おいいしね!

i won overall today too{ピース}! there is ws, yl, daryl who came. but due to ws having to leave earlier for her class bbq, she missed the pizza.

yl was very funny today. he cautioned daryl and feared that daryl may "roll down{バスケ}" if not careful as they were trying to move the mahjong table at the staircase(zephan lives in a 2 storey hdb flat).

mahjong session @ waisze's

i love mahjong{ドキドキ}!
played mahjong with long time no see friends. at waisze's house with limain and yuelong. limain won the most furthermore with zephan's helped who joined us later. i miss sec school life and friends!

super junior is so so funny! esp eun hyuk{さる}, hee chul{ピース}. kibum still rock.heh~

happy moon cake/lantern{ちょうちん} festival!{月}

happy birthday aaron!

i went to school today for briefing before the actual day cruise. we are paying $300{お金} for 2 day 2 night cruise. which is too expensive!
but nevertheless, i still do hope{クローバー} that the cruise would at least be a more fun experience compared to the service camp we had in june.

went to do manicure at bugis with jialing today at a killer price.

plus it was aaron's birthday{ケーキ}.he is six years old as of today!

so i ate pizzahut twice.
once was in the afternoon with gj and edwin and jl. the other was home delivery.
didn't eat alot because it was JUNK.
i prefer eating just lettuce sandwich{食パン} with loads of chilli! haha

AND today cake is chocolate flavor. michelle went to make "chocolate cake" immediately after consuming the cake.

My motivation

i need to buck up! ying2 you can do it{ピース}.

i have a new idol i want to be like her!
Kitagawa Keiko 北川景子{チューリップ}. sweet and sexy!
she acted in the movie Fast and Furious 3. furthermore she is a model. i want her 身材 and her pretty hairstyle{はさみ}! haha.

when i was young

i want to play like when i was younger. i don't remember when i stop playing. had fun playing with my younger siblings just now. for the moment, i felt true happiness.{うさぎ}

When I was young
I’d listened to the radio
Waitin’ for my favorite songs
Waiting they played I’d sing along
It made me smile

Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wondered where they’d gone
But they’re back again
Just like a long lost friend
All the songs I loved so well

(*) every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-wo-wo
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they’re starting to sing’s
So fine

When they get to the part
Where he’s breakin’ her heart
It can really make me cry
Just like before
It’s yesterday once more

Lookin’ back on how it was
In years gone by
And the good times that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed

It was songs of love that
I would sing to then
And I’d memorize each word
Those old melodies
Still sound so good to me
As they melt the years away

All my be…

children's day!

it was children's day{赤ちゃん}, yesterday. or rather, a few hours ago. so many people's birthday{クラッカー}. dad, aunt, gerald, daryl as well as ashley's father! haha. how nice.

ate super filling lunch-tea{マグカップ} at yan's palace. was super filling lah, though i didn't eat alot cause was singing karaoke{マイク}. hehs~

anyway, dinner just celebrate at home{家} in the end instead of going to buffet. called 大姑&#22920; 姑姑 姑丈 阿&#22920; 公公 and cousins come over. sang and ate bday cake{ケーキ} with dad and 大姑&#22920;. so so fat already!!!

it has been a long long time

went out with sarah{流れ星} san today! haha. it has been a long time for us two of us to go out. was nice. laughed terribly.

i bought a pair of black high heels{ハイヒール} today to go with a red dress i have bought from mango ages ago.
it is so pretty{ドキドキ}.
i have been wanting to wear the dress, i think i'll wear it this sunday(1st oct, children's day) since it is my dad's birthday!{ラブ}
i shall take load of pictures{カメラ}.(hope i'll slim down a lil. by then)

we went walking around the whole of Far East Plaza. sarah bought a top and together we bought rings{指輪}.

also went to takashimaya's kinokuniya for 2007 organiser which i didn't bought in the end.
i shall buy it next time!
there is so much to choose. i didn't know what to buy.
i like both micky mouse type and those sweet looking ones.

we also went to look at horoscope books which were super accurate.
i have realized that i have been going to kino almost everytime i go town.

walked to cineleisure after that for…

happy birthday to waisze!

it's waisze{ぶた} birthday today!finally seventeen already.

{祝} may you be even more pretty{口紅} and sexy{ハイヒール} this year.

too bad can't celebrate for her birthday because exams are coming for those studying in JC. but, we'll have a bash after exams yeah?

hope that everyone in jc would get good results for promos{ピース}! good luck~