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it has been a long long time

went out with sarah{流れ星} san today! haha. it has been a long time for us two of us to go out. was nice. laughed terribly.

i bought a pair of black high heels{ハイヒール} today to go with a red dress i have bought from mango ages ago.
it is so pretty{ドキドキ}.
i have been wanting to wear the dress, i think i'll wear it this sunday(1st oct, children's day) since it is my dad's birthday!{ラブ}
i shall take load of pictures{カメラ}.(hope i'll slim down a lil. by then)

we went walking around the whole of Far East Plaza. sarah bought a top and together we bought rings{指輪}.

also went to takashimaya's kinokuniya for 2007 organiser which i didn't bought in the end.
i shall buy it next time!
there is so much to choose. i didn't know what to buy.
i like both micky mouse type and those sweet looking ones.

we also went to look at horoscope books which were super accurate.
i have realized that i have been going to kino almost everytime i go town.

walked to cineleisure after that for…

happy birthday to waisze!

it's waisze{ぶた} birthday today!finally seventeen already.

{祝} may you be even more pretty{口紅} and sexy{ハイヒール} this year.

too bad can't celebrate for her birthday because exams are coming for those studying in JC. but, we'll have a bash after exams yeah?

hope that everyone in jc would get good results for promos{ピース}! good luck~