countdown to 4 days more!

4 days more!
was with ashley on sat for shopping and sun for studying. my eyes are so so swollen!{ぱんだ}

my wcom group decides to do a topic on homosexuals for project. okay, pearl and christabel sure have alot of friends. so good for interviews.

anyway i think god knows that i lack of money. i was waiting at the busstop{バス} beside the amk mrt station. then, suddenly, a 2 dollar note flew. it was dropped by a guy boarding the bus.
one malay auntie pointed at it.
before i could react, another obasan around the age of 50-60 took it away and gave a smirk {げっ}. so i didn't cherish the chance i had.

and i think i am too engross with the world of internet{パソコン}. i told my father to delete the paper i gave to him instead of asking him to throw it. maybe in the future i would use more computer language.

btw, did you know that cutlery is used for cutting? flatwares are fork and spoons{食事}?

heechul: {アヒル}nonono! duk not dak.


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