Oh! i went to watch DEATHNOTE{テレビ} at grand cathay with 3 guys. mainly, zephan, weijin and yuelong. the girl's aren't free i guess and waisze have already watched it.

so~ i'm surrounded by an over powering sense of YANG QI.

love L in the movie. he's so so so eccentric till he's super cool. hahahaha!{ラブラブ}

anyway we went to play arcade at plaza singapura after that. time crisis with yuelong the professional with license shooter. he used a dollar to play{コントローラー} till level three! while i used three dollars to play till level 2 only.
play the picture game where we choose the differences.
and see one family spend alot of money{お金} on the game where they need to scoop those presents{プレゼント} up. damn rich.


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