illegability .

i am so happy now.{ハッピー}
school of IS have approve my transfer of class from thursday to wednesday. so i'll have chishiho sensei! she is great. furthermore, i just had jap lesson at C.C just now, it's really a big gap of standards.
i guess the language is better taught by someone who is from the country.
really, i feared alot when i was passing up the form.

anyway i went for LMS today and the tutor was Mrs Susan Leung though she wants us to call her Ms Susan. She is the first tutor name i could remember and leave the most impact on me. she is so capable, having 3 or 4 jobs? 3 boys? 2 dogs? i wonder how many hours she have a day{なんで} i am also curious{はてな} about how many degrees she hold too. she is definately living her life to the fullest!{汗}
however, she is a strict teacher. but reasonable too, i keep have the impression that she is like the teacher who is in the Queen's Classroom. we'll see how when the time{時計} pass by.

went home today and baked even more cookies. my cookies was gone the second day i have baked it the other day. added more chocochips causing cookies to be more dark.

<小>{うんこ}this is super shitty thoughts

i really detest that kind of behavior. really, the reason why i don't like samuel is because of you i guess. due to him you can give up everything. even friendship. i'm not like you, friends come right after family to me, not boyfriend.

furthermore, going out with him is not a crime. why must you lie? much more when u use my name. i hate it, i am terribly pissed off by the way that you could use ME so conveniently. where is the respect when you just INFORM me of stuff that concerns me when you have already done it. what is it that you want. 

i'm not gonna be so generous afterall. i'm not gonna care anymore since you are not doing your part in our friendship. i'm not going to be that dumb idiot who sticks by and COULD BE USED ONLY WHEN YOU NEED IT. 

thinking of this make me feel so sick and tired.</小>


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