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met so many nice people today!
was doing iac with sufang at town. roam around town for research. and met with many helpful people. we were so so lucky.{ハッピー}
sufang even brought me to cine level 9 to surf for jap + kor imported stuffs! pics selling at $2 ea while i can develop it at 30cents.
the shop is packed with loads of Johnny JR, SMTOWN stuffs.

after met up with ASHLEY!
show her some DBSK stuffs introduced her to the art of DBSK. mickey is cute.
yamapi is dashing.
xiah is charming.
eunhyuk is {ドキドキ}.
sungmin birthday is coming!!{ケーキ}

finally online

i can blog.
internet have been crap the last few days due to taiwan's earthquake.

msia's YES(year end sale) was cool.{グッド}
bought mango items at cheap cheap cheap prices.
but didn't had time to shop.

new year is coming! 010107.
it's pink in colour too.

the worst thing is school.{メモ}
for me, i'm gonna attend school for 3 weeks and then it'll be 2 weeks break and final exams.{ごめんなさい}

is the world ending soon?

early merry xmas

i'm bored.
so bored.
so i dig out all my past photographs.
that time i took when i was in newyork.

so yeah.
here you go!{ラブラブ}

oh! kiss the radio just ended.{グズン}

rainrainrain everyeveryday

it has been pouring for days{雨}
till macritchie reservoir became flooded.
poor cars{車} which are parked at the carpark. they are all submerged in the waters.
it was such a hilarious sight.{赤ちゃん}
bus74 didn't went it's usual route today.

yay! i'm happy.

shalala happy

the mail is recieved{メール}
waited for like 2 days.
2 very long days.

i'm one step closer to heaven!{超びっくり}

can't wait. 20 mins more!{さる}


what happens when you mix donghae and yunho together?

eyes like donghae's while nose,lips,chins like yunho.

pondering on my future

where am i supposed to be after i graduate{メモ}?
or rather,
where do i want to go?

- work in singapore's i.r.
- go to nus or smu
- work as air stewardess (can fly{飛行機} around the world)
- go to korea to study fashion{リボン} (if gina's there)
- nyc to find mom
<小>- study there
- work there
- live off my mom there{ラブ}</小>

if all fails,
- errr. i hope it does not.
- or maybe i will inherit the shop house and bake cookies.


where should i go?
i really dread semester 2! argh.
2 more years to go. =D


the tides danced with time,
with waves splashing cries.
the moment stood frozen,
as ice become molten.

hearth of the heart,
allurement, seduction.
locked in the locket,
enchantment, captivation.

a wish is cast,
and come true it must.{キラリ}


merrry shopping

{買物}i shopped till i drop,
we walked till we our feet sulk.{ハイヒール}
{ラブ}our emotions were superbly positive,
while our cash are dangerously negative.{お金}


three cheers for midnight shopping!{パチパチ}

it's red rainbow day!

happy birthday{ケーキ} to you anna.

we celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. and she almost forgot her birthday lah.{げっ}

there was total of 12 of us including anna who went to marina square's Hans for dinner. was super hungry!

front row jialing,me,BDAY GIRL ANNA, SUFANG
second row matt, guanji, cecilia, vincent, edwin, harris, ben, koonchin

after that cec,sf,ed,vin and matt went home to rush their {パスタ}F&B{ビール} project.

thehe rest of us went to chill out at esplanade rooftop and later was invited to Aria by shuying. had complimentary free drinks{カクテル}! the drinks was so so nice.{グッド}


PS: F&B indiv and WCOM is finally O-V-E-R!
2 down 6 more to gooooooooooooo~~ zooomzoomzzzoom{車}

i fell

i pole danced and fell yesterday at the overhead bridge near our school. luckily i left 2-3 steps. hit the ground hard. and i cut my knees even though i wore jeans. hurts alot!!{グズン}

i laugh i laugh i laugh laugh laugh!

i want my happy pills.

i wonder what is like in the working industry.
sharks and crocs everywhere.

i'd prefer the simplicity.
minds are so complex.

i want to laugh everyday in the future.

sloth + gluttony. X(


eh er ahhhh~

deadlines are near.
i'm gonna tear
becos i'm filled with fear.

exams are horror,
cause i know i would error.
but my daily dose of SUPER JUNIOR

will keep me going all day long.{ピース}