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merry christmas!




merry christmas!

i'll be having 12 days trip at hongkong tommorrow! it will be my first time there with ws, qy and gerald. we will be celebrating leap year together!

failed for the 3rd time!

i failed again! this time, 44/50! cause when i send my answers, the screen is so sensitive that i clicked the answer at the back of the confirmation of answer window. this changed my answers and thus...............................

so i shall wait till i return from hongkong then~

failing advance theory trial

i'm exhausted.

went for a morning walk at seletar area where it was infested with blacks.

afterwhich i went for my final theory trial test. first try, somehow i knew that i wouldn't pass it. results : 43/50! ah! just 2 marks to pass! i wanna kill myself for not double checking. so i booked another available slot, 4.30pm.

went back there again and tried.
somehow, questions are much more easier. i think i can pass it. then it came, the questions about demerit points. so i just click the number i like. 12...18..24

*click click click*

*send answers*

*calculating answers* (ohhh, i think i will pass)



fallen ill.

it's been less than a month or so.

i've lost yet again!

lost the war, the battle.

i've fallen.........

sick yet again.

is it because i've been thinking of so much that my brain is showing signs of breaking down?
everything will be fine after the rain......

<img src="" border=0>

yesterday, ying2 went out with ashley! while boarding the usual 162 bus, ying2 spotted grandpa and grandma resting at the bus stop seat. it was a hilarious sight because grandpa drives a car and they look terribly out of place being in bus stops. hahahahaha.

went to orchard to marina square and dined at coffee club without ordering coffee.{食事} had yummy prawn spaghetti and mushroom cheese burger.
they had peppermint coffee blend at starbucks instead!

after that, attended a wedding dinner, the groom, grandpa younger bro's son. last to get marry in ying's papa generation. heard many old past stories. funny yet heart warming.{ドキドキ}
and also hearing praises of being super obese by the same ol' people.

As if u can kill time......

without hurting eternity.


ying2 is supposed to study for common tests that are due next week

of course, knowing ying2's character, she would have the tendency to do things that are unimportant and a waste of time at this critical moment.

like reading a book about driving..........
or, coming down here to blog about random stuffs like.... 



had a psychological tummy ache. a psychological one because i was nervous about the basic driving test this morning.

so i was late for the test.

(malay lady invigilator) : oh you are late for the test.
: ......
 : don't be late the next time
: ......(my mind: what do you mean by next time?.... nonono, i won't fail i won't retake the test!!!)

thank god i'd passed it.

side note: cooking mama is so cute!


Res Ipsa Loquitur

i know now....

gina's gone

good bye gina.

i love you to ..............................................

buy more gifts for me =D

ying's adventures of baking

i guess it is not my fate to bake chocolate chip cookies.........

look at jiggly's shocked face!

so now i'm just using intact half of my table while waiting for a new glass to replace it.


ugh. today is such an unlucky day. i find it rather hard to cheer up except the fact that i have managed to meet ashley and that "enchanted" was a really nice movie.

i wanted to bake cookies to sell to my classmates tomorrow. however, i added salt into my cookie dough. i can't make another batch too because i do not have the ingredients left.

i hope that tomorrow will be better. TGIF.


how about a nice hour and a half walk from amk to dunearn road and back again.

that pretty much sums up my early thursday morning.

and i'm going back there again to tiong bahru for the famous porridge and raw fish!

next time.

yoko sensei was kind enough to release us earlier for us to make way to changi airport to send both yukari and kyohei off. many seniors with exceptional japanese speaking skills were there too.

ws + qy!

it's been a long long time. since i've went out with...

i guess this picture speaks a thousand words........

about my huge tummy!{ぶた}

anyway, i can't wait for our trip together! more fun to come!

nice to meet you all!


taken together with 2 japanese interns with 1 more intern as the photographer. last friday we went to chinatown together. had fun interacting with them.

last friday, kaori sensei(one of the jap intern) left earlier. so me and xine sent her off! together with three of our jap seniors (namely gladys, esther and chris) as well as kyohei.

tiny things

it's those tiny things in life that thinking of it i would smile like an idiot.
yet now, i have seem to forgotten to blog all about them.

loved today's outing. and more to come!.

i remembered chocolate cake, flyer, bullying, hongkong actor, mirrors while celebrating annette's birthday with ws,qy and simeon.
i remembered leopard, bread pudding, cafe cartel card, triangle sofas, IDR! after with gerald, zep, bentink, ed.

ive got TAGGED!

[person who tag you]: SUFANG!
[5 impression you hav on him/her]: pretty eyes, sunshine girl, down to earth, horoscope analyser, friendly

[most memorable words she has said to you]: *thinking.....
[if she/he becomes your lover,you will]: be very awkward.
[if she/he becomes your lover,things he/she has to improve on will be?]: be strong!
[if he/she becomes your enemy,you will]: probably not talk to her.
[if he/she becomes your enemy the reason will be]: i have no idea.
[the desirable thing you want to do for him/her now is]: sponsor her to go japan. (if i'm filthy rich)
[your overall impression of him/her is]: jap!
[how do you think people arnd you feel about him/her]: thailand?
[characteristics you love about urself]: SMILE!
[characteristics you hate about urself]: too stubborn; talkative. blush too much!
[the most ideal person you want to be is]: BOA!
[for people who care and like you say something to them]: in the end, it is ourselves who decide our own feelings and thoughts.

long time fun

きょうは楽しかった。おなかがいっぱいです!ぎょざはおいしかったです。sufang と cecilia と shuying と edwin と vincent と また牛車水でいきましょう!

i feel like a mad woman experiencing so many feelings in one day! 

say YAY!

<img src="" border=0>

within just a day, with exchanged of sms and calls, our trip was confirmed! =D
i'm so looking forward!

korean neoprints

the wigs were stinky!{ショック}

Albeta Ferreti

Spring 2008.

Pathetique 2nd movement

i'm feeling a whee bit of olive dirty green mixed with red today.

i need my daily dose of beethoven!
he makes me feel that i'm glad to be alive.


hehe, trick or treat?

happy halloweens!
i'm feeling bright yellow today.

one hilarious scene, i was "trick or treat"-ing my classmates at BA level 5's corridor. 
and the next moment, the corridor's light flickered. i literally jump and scared out of my wits. could have died at the moment.
furthermore, we were discussing about grinding dead bodies during class.