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my dream phone

if i'm rich...
i want a phone{携帯} like this...

but i wouldn't want a lizard theme.

oprah's comment

"The smarter the woman gets, the more difficult for her to find the right man"

true true...
i must be so so smart{ひらめき}

work hard!

i have forgotten how the morning smells. {ふたば}
the morning air{ため息} was cold today when i went running.

today was like the last day of school while the next time i'm going to school would be during exams.

ps. mom's coming back.{ハッピー}though i'm not sure when.



special day spent!

i went for the jyp auditions today with ashley. auditioned to be a singer{マイク} while ashley didn't audition. i think it was rather fun! i made alot of new friends.{ふたば}

waited like forever. but it was a rather nice experience. chat with them about ALOT of stuffs. and the girls were asking me to ask a guy whether is he korean. dare me lah. in the end jingting went to ask and yeah, he is. not good looking or anything, but he speaks korean leh!... ok... i'm crazy.{ひつじ}

after that we went shopping around town. window shopping.

one funny incident, i was sleeping{スリープ} in the bus because i was so so so tired. the bus made a turn and i almost fell from my seat, luckily ashley hold me.
and sleepy me, as i opened my eyes, i saw MICKYYOOCHUN{汗}! okay... i THOUGHT i saw him. there was this guy who had this really nice sharp nose and the same hairstyle of what micky's having. he was rather good looking too, and a nice dressing sense.{グッド}

overall, such a fulfilling day!{ラブラブ}


ha! happy birthday yongwoon jaejoong!
my sister's most beloved member from DBSK.
haha. hope you get to see her message. and i wish that she could see you soon.


i like 日本語 classes.
yesterday was my last lesson and the final test.
i'm gonna continue with the lessons the next sem.

this is how the letter goes:


わたしのでんわばんごは9697****です。わたしのうちはAng Mo Kioです。わたしのしゅめはかいものとおんがくです。だからまいにちようびとOrchardにいきます。Orchardでかいものをします。それからえいがをみます。
<右>1がつ 24にち

i'm so old

i have realised that i do not have any achievements nor do i have any skills!{BOO} and i'm turning 18 soon! so old! and furthermore, i'm still living under my dad.{赤ちゃん}

hmm, some interesting things that happened to me the past years.
1997 or 1998 - traffic accident, non injured
2000 - jiggly came into my life
2000 - house got burnt
2006 - sat on a plane alone to usa!
2006 - first job @ moshi moshi

ok. now my life is so so boring. CAN ANYTHING INTERESTING HAPPEN TO ME OR NOT?!?! ok. maybe my memory is bad bad bad.

i want to go shopping{買物} now.
i want a specie, oh yah, my eyesight is still PURRRFECT!{ねこ}
i want black contact lens.
i want more clothings.{Tシャツ}
i want more shoes

i need a new handphone.
i need to study{メモ}
i need a goal{サッカーボール}.

i dont like chinese new year{うちわ}
i love holidays.

twin's bday

oh. 21 jan was twins bday!{ケーキ}
celebration lasted from 20 jan till 21 jan.
ok, i dont really like clubbing, and my neck still hurts till now. of course, i didn't take much alcohol{ビール}, was busy making water from ice.

after clubbing went to geylang for beancurd. they wanted to book hotel. i was against it. in the end we went home at around 6am where there isn't any double charge.{ひまわり}

NP open house

NP open house. i overslept today. and so.. i didn't went to help out. i'm very sorry.{ごめんなさい}

so many current sec 4s went on thurs and yesterday. i brought home a balloon and made donald duck voice with it. i want more balloons!!! ahhh!


peter pan

raccoon's day!

happy birthday kangin!

pretty slack

ahh! so pretty.

school is so slack this week. probably due to open house. so fun. i'm so bored of school.

money not enough

today shopping trip was fun! and CRAZY!{グッド}{グッド}{グッド}
went around trying to find a atm machine to get my last 30 bucks out but all atm machine lacks 10 dollar bills. sad.
thanks to jialing, she saves my day!{笑}

this week is finally over yesterday. i cried{涙} so much due to so many breakdown. school will be having open house next week. i hope it would be fun!{ピース}

headache ah!

my home is under renovation.{家}
dad added partitions. so the house will look even more cramp.
it has been 10 years since the last renovation i think.

have not been sleeping{スリープ} enough lately. i should stop this routine.
can't wait for the holidays. i'm not looking forward to the chinese new year or anything. i want to go overseas. i'm too lazy to work.

have not thought of what present to buy for twins.
yet i have already come across what i could buy for my sister's 16th birthday. i think it costs around 100 bucks.

pendant that hero have designed. shall go check it out.


<大>i'm not afraid of the future.
just terrified to i wake up being 25 and still living under my parents.</大>

i want to be like her.

it's been reallly bad for me these few days.
got B for wcom project. while rest got A.{グズン}
peer evaluation was bad.
i've tried to contribute, but not enough.
がんばって!just have to study hard for next wed test!!{メモ}

good news, kong is finally working again!{ラブ}

i can't get to sleep.

i need to get to sleep. i can't sleep now.
since weekends are here, i have exactly a month to go before study break. hectic month, with project deadlines.{怒}
i can't wait for this sem to end.
i hate studying.{プンスカ}

school boy.

pitiful creatures.

humans really knows how to indulge in self pity.
i detest it.
yet i practise it just now.
i should die.
because i wasted one cup noodles on YOU!
i'm AB-normal.

yoochun's new hairstyle.

Oh my! can't see ehj!

sukira just ended. i didn't manage to hear at all. kong is not working properly nowadays.{ハム}

went to catch Night At the Museum with ashley. super nice. a special plot movie, definately appeals to the younger generation. the mind really runs very wild.{うま}

walk home from j8 saw sinyee and her classmates. kinda miss her too.

kongkongkong? when will you be working well?
i need to diet.{ダッシュ}

my wonderful dream.

i dreamt that i was dead.{どくろ}
in a car crash, with 5 other people. it was after prom night and the driver suck.{ショック} anyway, we thought we were still alive and waited for help. however, help didn't come, so we made our own way since we could walk.

then somehow, we learnt that we were DEAD. then we were brought into a room for "job interview". watched a clip and most of us pass the interview. the job was to be a guardian angel.

anyway, the in-charge was good and allow me to go back to my  body(which was in a coma at the hospital{病院}).

then i woke up.
didn't had time to say my last words.

Happy 2007!

i went to countdown at marina bay. the bridge. was not as packed as esplanade. fireworks{花火} were great. however, we were engaged in taking pictures than really admiring the fireworks.

i am such a pig.{ぶた}
we ate at marina south. walked there through the marina city park. the park is very pretty yet sandy. ate till i burst{爆弾}. we were very kiasu lah. ate till about 4am.

we also played overdue sparklers! they light for a while and then go off.

then went into the bowling area where we played 7-up. WAS CRAZY. the punishments were super hilarious. laugh till crazy.

till about 6am we wanted to watch sunrise. however, we didn't know where to watch. in the end, it was already 7 plus. sun{晴} was up already.
reached home at 8am. tired and shagged



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