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CNY at alex uncle

i won 40 dollars{お金} today while at jamie's. i've been so lucky{クローバー} during this chinese new year. kept winning! ahah!

joel have grown alot. plus his voice have broken. i think the last time i saw him, he was at least 20cm shorter. that was around 2 years ago....

food was delicious...{グッド}


rukkoguhrukkoguh rukkoguh

rukkoguh rukkoguhrukkoguh

3rd day of cny!


went to visit jinhao's, yuelong's, zephan's as well as harris's home for cny.

was super duper fun.{ピース} and zephan house is really lucky because i won money! waisze on the other hand had another method to boost her luck.{ひらめき}
there were serene, limain, qingyu, yongkai, zephan, daryl and hanzong who went.

harris house was fun too. anna, jialing, edwin, vincent, george and mathiaus came. we had steamboat!{温泉} all those abalone, prawns and clam thingy.
there was so much to eat!!

an excerpt from edwin's blog about us
<斜>"The steamboat totally rocks!

Ying Ying and I managed to retain our undisputed title of the King and Queen of Prawns.

We sadistically threw those little helpless creatures into the boiling hot soup and happily watch them slowly turning to orange. When they were ready for the King and Queen and their royal subjects to enjoy, the King of prawn start the ball …

bigger eyes.

happy chinese new year.{花火}

i finally knew how to peel an orange the proper way.{YES} it is through the butt not the head.{涙}

anyway, i've learnt how to make my eyes bigger! ahahhahaha.
of course, i did a surgery on myself. ahahaha.

look at the ET EYES! small nose and the pump lips!{口紅}


happy 19th birthday to you.


Forget me now by gummy

Forget Me Now by gummy
translation by: Erin (credit:
I think I’m slowly forgetting about you now
and time to time, I even smile
When a bit more time passes and we meet again
I think I’ll just be happy to see you

In such a sentimental feeling, I look through your pictures
One by one
Perhaps because you’re not like me
You’d still be hurt by me

Forget me now
I feel foolish leaving you
You’d better not be happy

Forget me now
Why is everything so black for me now?
I’m worried that you’re happy without me


I still haven’t been able to forget everything
Because I’m worrying over you
The memory of being left (the painful memory)
Is left behind in my heart and maybe you’ll cry like me…

Forget me now
(Forget me, now everything)
I feel foolish leaving you
You’d better not be happy

Forget me now
(Forget me, now everything)
Why is everything black for me now?
I’m worried that you’re happy without me

Let there be lonely days only for me
My l…

ilove FOOD

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funny looking at myself again and again...
happy vday!{キューピット}</中>

with ssf

went shopping{買物} with twins and sam
i thought i would not spend{お金} much.

this look so tempting..
cost me 58 bucks.
bought a rolling stones top too. bought it at 6pm at 25 bucks and at 9pm, the shop sells it at 10 bucks..{プンスカ}

and fel bought this.

chop my hair

ashley told me i cried(as in shouted) out loud when my hair was chopped{はさみ} off. the hairdresser was shocked.
it looks extremely weird.
nevermind, i'll get use to it

beijing friedrice creator.

happy birthday hankyung, hangeng!
dragon of suju!
you've work so hard to come this far.....
so yeah, happy 23rd birthday{ケーキ}

Our Love ~to my parents~

so touching{グズン}. BoA's voice is amazing.......{キラリ}
tears just flow when i hear this song.

youknow birthday!

you know or not, it is uknow yunho birthday today!


saturday i went to my ah gong's bday and it was a super nice reunion dinner.
i turned super fat lah!

gina and me.

Power of Photoshop

credits @ soompi

how i wish i knew how to...
then i'll do a full liposuction on myself...

kyuhyun's bday!

happy ninteeth birthday to you.{クラッカー}


my stamina cannot make it. went jogging{ダッシュ} again, saw this two indian ladies dressed in sari and sport shoes. jogging too.{りんごちゃんNG}

i'm like rotting at home, i want to study but ended up making pineapple tarts. ahahaha. it tastes horrible.{どくろ}