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crave for cakes

i love sweet stuffs.
and i loveee cakes{ショートケーキ}

we decided to make cakes.

get what you need.
eggs, sugar, flour, butter....

throw it all into the mixxxer!!

put them into cups/tins.

into the oven!!

yummy cakes...{グッド}

it's fate

we went shopping yesterday.

and we saw..


she's mr and mrs ong's child.


How... by Xing

<img src="" border=0>

Without any words,
time goes by, with only sighs,
The expressionless eyes,
and the tired talks,
If I knew this would happen,
I'd just pass by,
We gave each other too much pain,
and are getting farther.
Are we up to here?

Somehow we... Somehow we...
Our strong love is getting faded,
A break-up would be better,
how we change is...sad

I didn't believe that love was the color of pink,
But now, my faith is getting there.
Are we up to here?

Somehow we... Somehow we...
 Our strong love is getting faded,
A break-up would be better,
how we change is...sad

Even if I say I love you a thousand times, our a lie

Credits to Gina @ Aigoo Lyrics []

best mother ever!

the one who is wearing the sunglasses{晴} is my mother. this is taken in las vegas many months back.

she always say she is prettier and younger than me.{涙} i agree that she looks like my sister. but, i'm a much more natural beauty because i dont need makeup!{口紅}

sometimes, i can't stand her vainity.......

anyway she is going to get a computer{パソコン} soon because :
1. usage of webcam{カメラ}
2. cheaper than international calls{黒電話}

i'm very glad she is going to learn how to use a computer. because i can bug her to buy more clothes by emailing pictures of clothes to her. muahahahha.

she needs to learn{メモ} how to:
1. use msn
2. use friendster (so that my friends can add her and just know how hip is my mother!)
3. if possible, manage a blog!


daddy is concerned whether do i go outside nowadays. recently, i have not been going out as often as in the past.

he is worried for me becoming autistic.

i'm fine as long i have my lappie.{パソコン}

if i go out, i'll get scorched by the sun. i'll DIE.{どくろ} it's so bright and hot!{晴}
i'd rather be at home.....

seeking solitude. just like what vampire does.

i need to sleep, bedtime now.
dawn's approaching.

i want this and that and this

my list of wants

1. A newspaper inspired pajamas

2. A pair of shoes that looks like this

3. More cross earrings

4. Cute spoons for desserts =D

happy 500 days

to super junior!

1st row : donghae, sungmin, heechul, eunhyuk, ryeowook
2nd row: kangin, kibum, yesung, siwon, hankyung, kyuhyun, shindong, eeteuk


this left me breathless.
so dashing.....
and hot!{爆弾}

he was still like this a few days ago...and always been ageyo and funny person in my eyes.

he have changed alot...from this...


now, i can't sleep anymore!!!!{ぱんだ}

rabbit sushi

i'm hungry,
this look so so cute.

carrots, quail egg, tamago, seaweed with rice.

{グズン} i can't eat now!

because it's supper for me,
i haven't slept yet.

sleepless nights/days

i could not sleep the last few days.{BOO}

i tried to..

it's much better now.


a new burst!

i just played mahjong. lost..... but, nevermind. i'm embarking on a project now. my first ____! mom's supporting me i think.. i've found motivation i hope........{うさぎ}

S2501 =D

i pray i pray

this lunar year, those whose horoscope are snakes "offend" the tai sui. my dad brought me to pray. where i met my grandma and aunts and uncles. grandma: just pray for what you want later on. tai sui will help you. ying : nodds* i wish for car license..yaddadyaddaa... dad and mom to be rich... yadddayadda....gina to score well in 'o' levels.... yadadadyblahblah.. i kept wishing what i want while this guy supposedly possessed by the heavenly gods went around blessing people using holy water.


dracula him


dracula me

....i've changed into a dracula....



i still owe ws cookies....

i am stuck at home all day.
there's nothing to update about.
i am so lazy!!!!!!!

i am online everyday. 24/7.{時計}
now, i'm watching tv online.{パソコン}
koreans are so high tech.....
too bad i can't understand the language.

victoria's secret fashion show '05

currently watching the 2005 victoria's secret fashion show.
imagine the weight of those wings.....


i did this long ago. i was planning to change our blogskin.

however, when i was doing it halfway, sarah says that it is better that we don't share blog anymore.

then i changed to another blogging service.

we used to meet each other at least once a week. now, it's barely once a month. it seems that we are drifting apart.

both of us are busy with our own lives.

it's so tiring sometimes....