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more spring 2007

let's FLYYY!
to the sky~{飛行機}

Alexander McQueen Spring 2007

last dress is damn eerie.

with hair like birdnests.
puff sleeves that looked like wings.
so birdy~{ひよこ}

great singapore sale

so the first time i went to late night shopping was yesterday. plus, it was the first day of GSS. what a crowd! and i met someone! even though our eyes met, we can't recognize each other.

today went shopping again. mymymy~



how could i be so blind?
it must be your pretty face.
why is god so kind?
for you to leave a trace.
how come i could find,
my heart race.

i could no longer keep up with your pace.
you and i are over with the past case.

northern side

i like jap lessons cause after that i have friends who i go home together. fun in the bus, with crazy hand slapping games.

today, we talked about family, starsigns, bgr. stuffs.

oh, i want to know にほんのともだち!


last year, or maybe the year bfore last year.
i remembered fashion being very nautical-ish.

after getting into the sea,

we are going to the heavens for 2008 
it's gonna be FLY 

Chanel resort spring 2008

aww~ so pretty!

pretty hair!

h man. i LVE these!

they finally arrived today.

so pretty and adorable.

i feel happiness~~~~~~~~~~~

dragon tug!

o yeahh!
i went to help out at the Ultimate Dragon Tug! @ singapore river
was super fun!

watching people capsize the whole dragon boat. because it's about 10 over people thrown into the waters!  kakakakaka

shuying, apple and me are total failures lah~
though we were stationed indoors, away from the HOT HOT SUN , our faces are still so red at the end of the day.

other peeps who went were jiawen, cecilia, peggy, sufang and mathiaus.

jiawen had a nice job of becoming the timer, she went out into the waters to the platform and help out.

peg, ceci, sufang help to give out life jackets and stuffs. ceci was mesmerized by this aussie guy who looks like a soccer player..

after the event ceci, sufang, shuying, mathiaus and me went to town for dinner. and talk alot of crap~

pray hard hard hard

i can't believe how compose i can be after reading this at soompi.

Source from SM

15 of June, SJ will reach Taiwan and take part in the 18th Taiwan Golden Disk Award [TN: i forgot whats the english name for 金曲奖, but its an annual grand music award ceremony in tw], the namelist is still not confirmed yet.

<Taiwan Golden Disk Award>
06.16 17:30-19:00 Red carpet ceremony
06.16 19:00 Award show begins, DongFeng Channel 37 will live broadcast it.

Credits BLG.

it's not really official yet or smth.

but wouldn't it be damn cool! since i'll be there too~
yes! taiwan! here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee{飛行機}

ms korea

Ms Korea 2007.

my new inspiration{流れ星}.
i'm supposed to be sleeping{スリープ} or
doing up my LAM very-boring-and-difficult-3000-word essay{メモ}.

went from surfing the net{ヤシの木}
to shopping on the net{買物}
to blog browsing{パソコン}
and finally here.{鉛筆}

and here's the reason why i idolize her.

school's babe


better off as hi-bye friends

i thought poly life would be a breeze compared to sec school life. but there has to be one who gets onto everyone nerves recently.

a gift

Life is short! 
Break the rules! 
Forgive quickly! 
Kiss slowly! 
Love truly, 
Laugh uncontrollably.. 

And never regret anything that made you smile.

money is still the prettiest

one could never ask for enough?

1.Digital SLR {カメラ}

2. Sony Cybershot T10

3. S2501 CAP


1st gmarketarrival

the package arrived finally...{飛行機}

this heavy book which take up so much shipping fees as well as 3cds and a poster.

i could have wrapped{プレゼント} this book and give it to my sister. that is if she didn't rip open the package when i was still in school.{本}

i wanted to see her FACE.

it would most likely look like this....

but hundred times less cute....{ぶた}
neway, hoped u liked it.

Sweet Sixteen Gina

happy birthday to you{ケーキ}

i took this from her blog. peixin,gina and me went to dine at amk hub's fish&co.{魚}

this seafood platter costs me 40 bucks. initially for 2 people. but i think in actual fact - it's for 4 people.{ひつじ}

sorry ah, your gift is still in korea.{飛行機}