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BBQ chicken @ cineleisure

i went to this newly opened restaurant on saturday with ash and my sis. reason is due to BBQ chicken is endorsed by the one and only TVXQ.

Food ( ): i ate chickens. i'm not sure what chickens did they ordered. but the chickens were tender and the sauce was delicious. one of the chicken taste like the pizzahut spicy chicken.
we had complementary drinks due to their opening.
i also had pak bing soo or what they call, korean ice kacang. it was only so-so.
thus 4 out of 5.

Price (): i think it is rather pricey. because the servings were rather small(you always look bigger on camera, so food also look bigger on camera. thus the "large portion"). you can get a better price at hawker with the same food.
therefore 2 out of 5.

service (): as most of the staff are new, they are not very clear on what to do. and they are sort of like cafe cartel style where you have to order at the counter and they'll serve you.

Ambience (

pet's life.

talked ALOT today. my throat was so sore at the end of the day. we talked from relationship to religion to pets and i dunno what else.

some names: anna, cecilia, weijie, sufang, edwin. ARE THE GREATEST GOSSIPER EVER!{YES}

anyway i found out that weijie and edwin are both terrapin/hamsters/rabbit{うさぎ}/fish killers. the way they treat pets are like . . . . . .

while washing the terrapin, they both accidentally drop it into the drain.
wj poisioning the rabbit and knocking out the fish.

i want these!

1. IRIVER D25. it's soooooooooo pretty {ラブラブ}
ihope it was in english. then i can use it to learn jap and kor!{ピース}

2. Mini Fridge! i want the cloud one!{曇}

3. Harry Potter Lookalike bunk.





今日、私は十八歳のたんじょうび。 {ケーキ}



写真の後ろに寝の妹です。{スリープ} はは~

そして、 とても美味しいいちごミル{いちご}。
<img src="" border=0>

これから、 歩いて私の幸せの夢。{キラリ}


sweet moments

oh man.
i had a wonderful REALLY EARLY birthday last sunday.

got to catch harry potter at Plaza Singapura.
special effects was great. but plot {BOO}.

dine at billy bombers which cost a bomb.{爆弾}

and had a very very special cake. not bad for first timers and so sweet of them to meet up just to bake it the day before.

YING2 is written on it!


poly sucks with all those darn projects and uncooperative teammates.


i'm so pissed.
tried SOS-ing to DBS at like midnight twice for help on ibanking.
it seems that i've forgotten either my
or PIN number!

this is so crap.
i'venever forgotten anything before.

but how could i even log in in the first place without knowing the dummy PIN number. and i'm like 1000000% sure that i did not change that super-dumb-shitty PIN NUMBER.
i only changed my ID
and it's like so simple and how could i forget it. arhiunfkewoifwqjo!
just have to wait till tmr to see.

my angels

i love swarovski crystals{キラリ}!

spent over 30 dollars{お金} on pretty crystal beads yesterday at china town.

i'm broke. esp after buying that <色:#000099>blue </色>thing from stapleware

it's thee weekends!

thank god it's FRIDAY!

can't wait for the funfilled weekends to come!{パチパチ}
sat - training for stagewerkz{マイク} + DBS & krushes meeting + Chinatown hunt.
sunday -  outing! to watch the much anticipated HARRY POTTER!{花火}

PS: i think Katie Leung/chochang looks abit like eunice ho. hmmm~

Giorgio Armani Prive Couture Fall 2007

oh man.
his apparels are always ever so gorgeous~
love these jackets.{ドキドキ}{ドキドキ}{ドキドキ}

and this dress!!{キラリ}

when midnight strikes

<img src="" border=0>

cause it's
it's Cinderella's 24th birthday!{キラリ}

let's DANCE
<img src="" border=0>

may your day be happy!
<img src="" border=0>
<img src="" border=0>

many faces of heechul~

hmph~ anyway my birthday is coming soon! tehehe
<img src="" border=0>

opportunity cost.

opportunity cost - benefit forgone from the next best alternative.
that is, i made a cost of not going to zephan house to watch movie with so many friends instead, i slept. hope you all have fun!

ying2 steps to reaching the stars #4

breakfast: grape aloevera drink + baconhotdog
lunch: chicken cutlet + fries + 1/2 a bun
dinner: 2 hotdogs + 1/2 bowl of rice + 2 wuxiang + 1 fishcake + barley drink

ahhh! eat too much

achievements: i finally start to listen to PMKT lectures and CMA tutorials.

oh great.. please succeed.

ying2 steps to reaching the stars #3

lunch @ 1: peach aloevera drink
tea @ 3: takoyaki
tea @ 5: taiyaki
dinner @ 9 : 1  bowl of rice{ごはん} + 2 hotdogs + barley drink + taro chips

i know, i shouldn't eat dinner that late...

accomplishment: hmmmmmmmmmm~ i shall buckup. do CMA tutorial tt is to be gone through tmr. my cma result is like {BOO}

too much!

ying2 steps to reaching the stars #2

brunch: 2 hotdogs
tea: green apple + onigiri
dinner: 1/2 bowl of rice + pork + 2 prawns + 1 fishball + sotong~
supper: watermelon + pengguay!

accomplishment: AHHHh! update later

cut off the slack

every since poly life started, i've become so so slack in almost all areas of my life. my studies, my dieting and whatsoever. the only thing that i am most diligent would be reading soompi everyday.

I MUST STOP NOW! after getting barely a pass in PMKT and felicia's provocation about when i'm starting to diet. not to forget, 21 july is fast approaching.

therefore, i've decided!
to put up a diet + study diary everyday!

STARTING FROM................NOW!

ying's steps to reaching the stars #1

Afternoon: 2 fishballs + toufu + 1 piece of chicken wing
Tea: Plate of french fries from canteen1 + milktea
Dinner: 5 spoonfuls of rice + gravy + a piece of hotdog + 2 crackers.
Supper:(ican'tbelievemylack of determination) a piece of hotdog + 20 pieces of taro chips

Academic : Did part of HOM proposal.

harry potter 5!

doesn't daniel looking oh so fine lately!

can't wait for the movies to start!

i would rather hope it starts on 21 july{キラリ} instead. this could give people reason to date me on that day!

teukie teukie angel

angel falls down on this very day 24 years ago!

eeteukie, suju's greatest leader ever~

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