BBQ chicken @ cineleisure

i went to this newly opened restaurant on saturday with ash and my sis. reason is due to BBQ chicken is endorsed by the one and only TVXQ.

Food ( ): i ate chickens. i'm not sure what chickens did they ordered. but the chickens were tender and the sauce was delicious. one of the chicken taste like the pizzahut spicy chicken.
we had complementary drinks due to their opening.
i also had pak bing soo or what they call, korean ice kacang. it was only so-so.
thus 4 out of 5.

Price (): i think it is rather pricey. because the servings were rather small(you always look bigger on camera, so food also look bigger on camera. thus the "large portion"). you can get a better price at hawker with the same food.
therefore 2 out of 5.

service (): as most of the staff are new, they are not very clear on what to do. and they are sort of like cafe cartel style where you have to order at the counter and they'll serve you.

Ambience (): the chairs and sofas are so pretty. very comfortable and clean environment. AND there's a large screen where they play MVs. but without music yet as they are waiting for the license.

Location (


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