cut off the slack

every since poly life started, i've become so so slack in almost all areas of my life. my studies, my dieting and whatsoever. the only thing that i am most diligent would be reading soompi everyday.

I MUST STOP NOW! after getting barely a pass in PMKT and felicia's provocation about when i'm starting to diet. not to forget, 21 july is fast approaching.

therefore, i've decided!
to put up a diet + study diary everyday!

STARTING FROM................NOW!

ying's steps to reaching the stars #1

Afternoon: 2 fishballs + toufu + 1 piece of chicken wing
Tea: Plate of french fries from canteen1 + milktea
Dinner: 5 spoonfuls of rice + gravy + a piece of hotdog + 2 crackers.
Supper:(ican'tbelievemylack of determination) a piece of hotdog + 20 pieces of taro chips

Academic : Did part of HOM proposal.


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