a new black vehicle.

my dad...

and oh! oh oh, he changed it on friday. and well, i only got to know about it today.

and one super funny incident. on the day when dad changed his car, as my grandparent dropped by my house.
grandpa and ma just hop inside the car and were super excited.

<太>grandpa: eh, try driving leh.{笑}</太>
grandma: ya lor. quick {笑}
<太>dad: err... i still don't know how to operate the car leh. ehhh... how to start the engine? {げっ}</太>
grandma and pa{涙} (walks back into their car and drove away)

so far, i remember daddy having a white 4 seater car with 2 doors.
then a black bmw with a sunroof to a pearl blue bmw with wings
now this one................

and, it's back to black.


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