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can't stop

you see, i can't stop eating.

furthermore, i've been daydreaming so much that it is so dangerous for me to cross roads.

lazy me

i don't like to dilly dally,
but i would lie on my soft bed the next moment.

i have to diet,
yet the next minute i would be munching on something.

i say leave me alone,
yet i cannot go shopping by my own.

so i've decided that i hate myself,

but yet i keep finding myself looking straight into the mirror.

out we go.

i think...

we took really nice photos today.{カメラ}

Ist es nicht schon?

John Galliano Spring Summer 2008

kinda like a goddess in wonderland

another fetish?

i don't know. i've just gotten myself hyped over watching an classical music anime. and i convince myself to get a violin!

when i was young, i remembered telling my mother i wanted to learn violin. but.

my mother thinks that i would give up halfway just like what i did with piano lessons.  {グズン} argh!

yet another rainy day!

i love rainy days and its such a waste to stay curled up in bed. i don't hate it although i've almost slipped on the wet roads during the few days of rain.

i'd want to have a hot cup of chocolate or coffee while looking out in the rain. or go for a drive out speeding on the roads. rainy scenes always look peaceful to me.


happy birthday donghae!


to the ISTANA

this is a picture of a golf area{ゴルフ} situated at the istana.
we had nothing better to do so we went to the istana open house and acted like country bumpkins screaming at everything we find interesting as well as complaining why the fountain that the istana has is so much bigger than our living room.{ヤシの木}

it takes around a good sweaty 10 minute walk{ダッシュ} to the main building by foot. as well as a big fat gray canon pointing at the entrance to shot whoever who trespass.

and oh! amidst our shouting and screaming, we also gain attention of those policemen on duty and they started laughing at us idiots.

and oh! we ended our day by cooking pasta.{パスタ}

Chef of the day: Ashley
Assistant Chef of the day: Ying Ying
Customer of the day: Gina


was bored and played around with photoshop!

smile forever

i chanced upon this beautiful photograph while browsing around my computer. it is taken not long ago, during my early bday celebration.

i remembered when we took a few shots before squeezing all our faces inside the photo. and gerald was over at the other side screaming," yingying your head too big!". 

but nevertheless, we managed it!

our smiles are so bright in this photograph, it reminds me of sunflowers!