to the ISTANA

this is a picture of a golf area{ゴルフ} situated at the istana.
we had nothing better to do so we went to the istana open house and acted like country bumpkins screaming at everything we find interesting as well as complaining why the fountain that the istana has is so much bigger than our living room.{ヤシの木}

it takes around a good sweaty 10 minute walk{ダッシュ} to the main building by foot. as well as a big fat gray canon pointing at the entrance to shot whoever who trespass.

and oh! amidst our shouting and screaming, we also gain attention of those policemen on duty and they started laughing at us idiots.

and oh! we ended our day by cooking pasta.{パスタ}

Chef of the day: Ashley
Assistant Chef of the day: Ying Ying
Customer of the day: Gina


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