ive got TAGGED!

[person who tag you]: SUFANG!
[5 impression you hav on him/her]: pretty eyes, sunshine girl, down to earth, horoscope analyser, friendly

[most memorable words she has said to you]: *thinking.....
[if she/he becomes your lover,you will]: be very awkward.
[if she/he becomes your lover,things he/she has to improve on will be?]: be strong!
[if he/she becomes your enemy,you will]: probably not talk to her.
[if he/she becomes your enemy the reason will be]: i have no idea.
[the desirable thing you want to do for him/her now is]: sponsor her to go japan. (if i'm filthy rich)
[your overall impression of him/her is]: jap!
[how do you think people arnd you feel about him/her]: thailand?
[characteristics you love about urself]: SMILE!
[characteristics you hate about urself]: too stubborn; talkative. blush too much!
[the most ideal person you want to be is]: BOA!
[for people who care and like you say something to them]: in the end, it is ourselves who decide our own feelings and thoughts.


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