failing advance theory trial

i'm exhausted.

went for a morning walk at seletar area where it was infested with blacks.

afterwhich i went for my final theory trial test. first try, somehow i knew that i wouldn't pass it. results : 43/50! ah! just 2 marks to pass! i wanna kill myself for not double checking. so i booked another available slot, 4.30pm.

went back there again and tried.
somehow, questions are much more easier. i think i can pass it. then it came, the questions about demerit points. so i just click the number i like. 12...18..24

*click click click*

*send answers*

*calculating answers* (ohhh, i think i will pass)



..............(eh how come it took longer to load this time ah?..)



message on screen:

You have FAILED.

my my, and the arrogant ying2 thought that she will pass it. and shit to whoever who introduced advance theory.

but anyway, i would rather fail at trial than the actual test because at least trial is free and test is like $6! but, i've wasted my bus fare.

i'm gonna have a last chance tomorrow to pass it.


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