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east coast park

we went to the beach!

so many memories.


ahh! i miss macafe {ドキドキ}

Yesterday by Leona Lewis

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i just can't believe your gone
still waiting for morning to come
when i see if the sun will rise, in the way that your by my side
well we got so much in store
tell me what is it i'm reaching for
when were through building memories i'll hold yesterday in my heart

they can take tomorrow and the plans we made
they can take the music that we never play
all the broken dreams take everything
just take it away, but they can never have yesterday
they can take the future that we'll never know
they can take the places that we said we will go
all the broken dreams take everything
just take it away, but they can never have yesterday

you always choose to stay
i should be thankful for everyday
heaven knows what the future holds, or least where the story goes
i never believed until now
i know i'll see you again i'm sure

no it's not selfish to ask for mor…



i would remember the times when you both have helped me through. i'm glad we are still contacting each other.

i guess this year marks our 12 years of friendship~

ah gong's birthday~

i don't know how old is him,
but i love him nevertheless.

he makes me laugh!

i'm probably dieting?


i didn't even look at that yummilicious dessert in front of me.


ok, i'm lying. who can resist that chocolatey temptation.

went out with ashley today!
shopped for new year's clothings.
ashley was glad that she found cheap clothings in singapore after i bragged about how cheap clothings are in hongkong.


it's a new beginning!

just touch down to homeland at 3.30pm yesterday. i'm so glad to be back home. but i'll definitely miss the "hou dong" days at hongkong and most importantly a friend that we have left behind.

so much to talk about the holiday. i shall take my time illustrating them once i get my hand on the PHOTOS!

anyway, today was back to school. HBM lecture instead of TDM. the location was at Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis. We had a fantastic lunch at the ballroom as well as tutorial and sharing sessions by the staffs from Intercontinental.

after that i rushed for japanese class and realise how much i've lost touch with japanese. Furthermore, i didn't have time to catch up with all my japanese essays.

this term will be hectic with the coming ECD test on wednesday. so i think i'd better start now.


we woke up really late! lunched at a nearby cafeteria near ws's grandma house. the place is like a pi sai place because the workers seem to be very unhygienic. but the food was quite nice.

after which we headed to the MTR and went to the peak. we bought one way tickets to board the tram all the way up. it was so steep~~

after arriving, we went to the toilet. the female toilet was so congested and our bladder was about to burst. at that moment, we made a decision, to use the male toilets instead. we hurried in as there were no people. and locked the door. qy did her biz first. and before i could do mine, gerald knocked on the door and hurried us. there was a man who needed the toilet. so we went out of the toilet hurriedly. we went back again after we were sure that no man is inside the toilet.

after finish the biz we went to burger king to take photos of the night scenery. but it was super cold and after a few shots, we ran inside BK for cover! After that we headed to the opposit…