it's a new beginning!

just touch down to homeland at 3.30pm yesterday. i'm so glad to be back home. but i'll definitely miss the "hou dong" days at hongkong and most importantly a friend that we have left behind.

so much to talk about the holiday. i shall take my time illustrating them once i get my hand on the PHOTOS!

anyway, today was back to school. HBM lecture instead of TDM. the location was at Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis. We had a fantastic lunch at the ballroom as well as tutorial and sharing sessions by the staffs from Intercontinental.

after that i rushed for japanese class and realise how much i've lost touch with japanese. Furthermore, i didn't have time to catch up with all my japanese essays.

this term will be hectic with the coming ECD test on wednesday. so i think i'd better start now.


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