we woke up really late! lunched at a nearby cafeteria near ws's grandma house. the place is like a pi sai place because the workers seem to be very unhygienic. but the food was quite nice.

after which we headed to the MTR and went to the peak. we bought one way tickets to board the tram all the way up. it was so steep~~

after arriving, we went to the toilet. the female toilet was so congested and our bladder was about to burst. at that moment, we made a decision, to use the male toilets instead. we hurried in as there were no people. and locked the door. qy did her biz first. and before i could do mine, gerald knocked on the door and hurried us. there was a man who needed the toilet. so we went out of the toilet hurriedly. we went back again after we were sure that no man is inside the toilet.

after finish the biz we went to burger king to take photos of the night scenery. but it was super cold and after a few shots, we ran inside BK for cover! After that we headed to the opposite building to have macdonalds. only qy and i ate. fries and burgers. we heard singaporeans during the dinner. the world is really small.

we went outside and took photos again. this time, we went to a temple like place to take. it was so much better, not as cold as burger king. we took loads of photos till we decided to go back down and boarded a bus to lan kwai fong. the ride down the peak was awful. turns and rounds and turns. when we finally reached lan kwai fong, gerald was about to vomit.

lan kwai fong is nothing much, probably due to the time which we arrived there. there was not many people at around 9pm. took photos with 2 very cool policemen who were patrolling. after that, we loiter around the area not knowing where to go. wanted to head to karaoke but we did not know where. so in the end, we headed home.

the day isn't as eventful as previous day. that is how we spent the 1st day of the new year~~~~~


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