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leap years

そして、Bugisにいきます。Limianのプレサントをかいます。3時半ぐらい、QingyuとLimainとあいました。いっしょうにBugis Streetにいきました。
6時ぐらい、私たちSuntec Cityに行って、Exhibitionをみて、そしてMarina Squareにいきます。{キラリ}
Marina Squareで他の友達とあった。お久しぶりですよね~ ほんとに懐かしい。みんなといっしょうにSwensensで食事したり、話したり、たくさん写真をどったりした。嬉しかった。


i feel so happy!
waisze's so good at organising outings. and it's almost like a class outing.

in the morning i met ws for haircut at twister which is located at hougang. and went to bugis to buy present for limain before meeting lm and qingyu for shopping at bugis street.

after which we left for suntec city and visited the career and education exhibition.

after that we went to walk around marina square and met up with gerald.

the rest of the people came at around 7.30 and we dined at swensens celebrating lm's belated birthday and yongkai's early birthday.

lm even had complimentary ice cream fro…


all exams are over. however, i still need to go back school for another 4 days of intensive japanese.

after HBM the usual peeps went out to town.
initially wanted to catch a movie, but in the end we ended up at cineleisure level 9's room to catch this ice skating show. the peeps are all made up of indecisive people. and all of us were pissed off with the management like how the room is like and we even thought of how to sue them for breaching contract terms (tlaw is so useful{ラブ}).


handphone bill

i just realised that my phone bill for the month of january went up to $140. and total talk time is less then 2 hours!

m1 charges me $12 for a 4 minutes call when i was in hongkong
i could have bought like 5 bowls of fish slice ban mian and would not be able to finish in the 4 minutes.{涙}

my actual phone bill subscription cost me only $10. and the incidentals add to the bulk making my total bill for February to be $50!

Fifth day~

had a tour around bukit panjang. from weijie's to guanji's and to edwin's.

we also celebrated shuying's belated birthday~

guanji is not in the picture cause he is busy eating with his china friends.


happy chinese new year to all!

eve i was stuck at another island watching fireworks that took my breath away. it was ignited less than 10 metres away.
1st went to grandma's and was VERY late.
2nd grandma's again this time to see second aunt's family.
3rd which is today, i went to alex uncle house. they have just constructed the house and now it is 3 storeys with bedrooms for each of their family members, a dancing room, zen/buddha area and an open rooftop which is so romantic and also their staircase is all made of glass.
i want to live like that in the future.

to digress~
it wasn't really very happy for me because it evoked so many memories the other day when i spoked to my sister. we practically cried to sleep.

i almost forget about what i am not supposed to....

donate blood

oh yeah. it would have been a traumatizing situation if without sufang and edwin.

we all are kind souls. look at the halos~