leap years

そして、Bugisにいきます。Limianのプレサントをかいます。3時半ぐらい、QingyuとLimainとあいました。いっしょうにBugis Streetにいきました。
6時ぐらい、私たちSuntec Cityに行って、Exhibitionをみて、そしてMarina Squareにいきます。{キラリ}
Marina Squareで他の友達とあった。お久しぶりですよね~ ほんとに懐かしい。みんなといっしょうにSwensensで食事したり、話したり、たくさん写真をどったりした。嬉しかった。


i feel so happy!
waisze's so good at organising outings. and it's almost like a class outing.

in the morning i met ws for haircut at twister which is located at hougang. and went to bugis to buy present for limain before meeting lm and qingyu for shopping at bugis street.

after which we left for suntec city and visited the career and education exhibition.

after that we went to walk around marina square and met up with gerald.

the rest of the people came at around 7.30 and we dined at swensens celebrating lm's belated birthday and yongkai's early birthday.

lm even had complimentary ice cream from swensens. the process of asking for it was super funny.

after dinner we went photo taking.....

daryl's nostril spoiling the picture

daryl's jumping that spoilt the picture

there were almost 100 over pictures taken!!


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