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korean food


my diet for sunday was..
pork chop spaghetti for tea break. dinner was watermelon and cheesecake.

brunch was a chicken wing.
tea break was soyabean icecream and seafood bibimbap shared with ashley. also a large cup of iced milk tea.
dinner was 4 pieces of broccoli and cauliflower.

and oh, today we saw kelly at amk hub. it's been a long time since we've seen each other. it is so awesome to know that kelly likes super junior too! lol.

my diet for the last two days


brunch: 3 chicken wings + icecream with bread
dinner: 1/2 bowl of noodles and watermelon


brunch: korean slice pork set and ice kacang - shared with sis.
dinner: 2 pieces of bread with ham and cheese. cheesecake and watermelons~

ah! zzzzZzzz ihope i dun lose.

a competition

after driving today, i was supposed to meet the twins at 2pm. and it was delayed due to the rain. we finally met up at 5pm. we walked here and there and mostly talked.

we had fun! remember our targets. i'm gonna work super hard!



i am now racking my brains thinking about where to go. singapore is tiny. furthermore, with an added constraint of limited money - not much choices are left to choose. either i have been driving or watching malcolm in the middle recently. i love the show!

on side note, i'm not ever going to step into a salon requesting for a hair cut or trim for the next 6 months. i'm regretting my decision to cut my hair the other day.

1/2 price cakes

we went out for 1/2 priced cakes{ショートケーキ} at coffee bean today! carrot cake as well as a brownie and a white chocolate ice blend to go - our dinner.

before that, we went to MPH and i bought more books. nora roberts as well as another jodi picoult books. i need to halt my spending on books! i think i'll apply for a library card or something. i need it!

i'm guessing that it'll probably become our next hangout spot.{ひつじ}

今日はAshleyといしょうにコーヒビンにきています。やすいケーキをたべて。半分価格ですから。二つケーキーCarrot CakeとBrownieを買った。とてもおいしかった。Carrot Cakeのほうが好きと想います。Brownieはちょっと甘いすぎ。だから全部たべなかった。




went to pasir beach with semi-family members. it was drizzling in the afternoon and luckily the weather clear up when we arrived. picnic, kite flying (as well as trying to get kites which are stuck on trees), cycling and photo taking (over 250 pictures!).

i had fun! hopefully there's another family gathering soon.

a new saving plan

i need to start saving! just spent almost all of my past year savings(on a new macbook =D). so i'll start from $0 again. but, it's worth it!

the next target is a ticket to new york!

oh yeah

i went out with gina yesterday. for krushes meetup, her dbsk photoshoot. and some book shopping.

after which, went home and dress up for clubbing at st james power house. and it was until 5.30am this morning that i reached home.

wanted to have morning breakfast with ws and gang. however, i was tooooo tired and body was aching like mad. tues is the last day we will meet each other till i don't know when she will return from hongkong~


<img src="" border=0>

truthfully i'm quite disappointed because i'm not selected for OIAP beijing because this proves that i have something lacking compared to others. i'm glad i'm able to type this out because it does take a certain amount of courage for me (admitting failure, and it sucks when this blog is public and i need to rant). i need to find out what is lacking in me and improve it. it's sometimes so hard to stop comparing oneself with others. counting the number of failed attempts in going for what i want: youth flying club (that DAMN postcard), JYP audition(duno count or not), the tourism camp (leaders) and this.

okay, before i start emo-ing, i have to look on the bright side. i'll probably console myself that i'm still going to stay in the same class and most of us would probably be going OIAP together. also, anna to help me in my notes(shh!). and BAoc 2008.…


woke up early today and mainly due to exam results. i've really learnt how to put my priorities and i'm glad that the results show an improvement. however, i still felt that i could have done so much better. well, last semester to go......

today, i went out together with twins again! it seems that we've become so young. we talked alot and talked about our primary school lives. i still vaguely remember the 3 primary schools we moved to. thomson to toapayoh lor8 and back. we caught Spiderwick Chronicles today. it was amazing, i love{ハート} fantasy movies. furthermore, the villian died so pitifully. quite a brainless ogre.{げっ}

and oh! before the movie we wanted to get tragus piercing. the idiot sales person accepted my money and didn't access the suitability of whether my ears could be pierced. in the end it cannot. so i asked for a refund. however, it was after the payment before i am informed about that the shop do not accept refund. under contract law, i must get what i…


by stephanie meyers

wooh~ i'm looking forward for the movie which is only be showing in theaters at the end of this year. it's gonna be a really nice movie~ furthermore, cedric diggory acting as the main vampire{キラリ}...haha! i've just finish reading the 1st book in the series within a day. seriously gooood!{グッド}{グッド} i need to grab the second book soon~~!

i went driving today. and i was really glad i didn't choose 3A licence. because, i am seriously pissed off by the instructor. zzzzzz

anyway, on monday, we(lm,ws,zeph) went out again. they played mahjong earlier that day and i met them at NYDC for a farewell dinner for zephan~
afterwhich, the three of us, zeph, lm and me went to amk hub for midnight movie - 10,000bc together with qy and weijin. the movie was good, so exciting with all those scenes where people struggle for survival.

money no more~

seriously, i need to save up!
been spending like crazy these few days.

met up with serene, ws and zeph at SMU today. was there for an hour or so before we left for lunch at raffles city's ding tai fung. the xiao long baos were heavenly~{グッド}

after which we shopped around and i was psycho-ed into buying books. jodi picoult and stephanie meyers. there was a 20% store wide sale and it has been quite some time i've read, the last book being philip pullman's amber spyglass which was ages ago~.

a while later ser left us and meet her friend. so three of us headed to B&J. ws and i ate cookie dough icecream. soyummilicious and sinful and expensive. talked. and talked.



we met on thursday!{晴} this time, together with ws, lm zeph! i had loads of fun.
we went to kallang. bowled and ice-skated over there. i would love to go back there again for more gatherings! i like how the place is not infested with people as well as a watsons outlet. went in and got another 2 mascaras at 20 with 9pkts of tissue paper at 20 cents. super auntie. {うさぎ} おばさん~

after skating we went to takashimaya. and went inside watsons again~~~ ws and limain bought za's mascara again. and bought wet tissue at 20cents again! we ended up dining at coffee club. the food is really super delicious. we talked loads and laugh and worry over the a levels that is going to be released the next day.{OK}

seriously, we need more and more outings (even though i'm super broke these days~{お金})

the next day, after returning home from driving lessons, i got a call from ws. and from her tone, she did really well!!(but still not enough for her to treat me choco buffet{ハム}


it's the first time we went out together. just the three of us. we talked so much!

both ws and i met earlier to shop and for B&J. we got a bargain at watsons. buy 2 mascaras for $20 and 20 cents for 2 packets of wet tissue!{笑}

after which we met zephan and went to watch Leap Years.

after that we went to dine at Spageddies.

can't wait for thursday!