1/2 price cakes

we went out for 1/2 priced cakes{ショートケーキ} at coffee bean today! carrot cake as well as a brownie and a white chocolate ice blend to go - our dinner.

before that, we went to MPH and i bought more books. nora roberts as well as another jodi picoult books. i need to halt my spending on books! i think i'll apply for a library card or something. i need it!

i'm guessing that it'll probably become our next hangout spot.{ひつじ}

今日はAshleyといしょうにコーヒビンにきています。やすいケーキをたべて。半分価格ですから。二つケーキーCarrot CakeとBrownieを買った。とてもおいしかった。Carrot Cakeのほうが好きと想います。Brownieはちょっと甘いすぎ。だから全部たべなかった。




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