we met on thursday!{晴} this time, together with ws, lm zeph! i had loads of fun.
we went to kallang. bowled and ice-skated over there. i would love to go back there again for more gatherings! i like how the place is not infested with people as well as a watsons outlet. went in and got another 2 mascaras at 20 with 9pkts of tissue paper at 20 cents. super auntie. {うさぎ} おばさん~

after skating we went to takashimaya. and went inside watsons again~~~ ws and limain bought za's mascara again. and bought wet tissue at 20cents again! we ended up dining at coffee club. the food is really super delicious. we talked loads and laugh and worry over the a levels that is going to be released the next day.{OK}

seriously, we need more and more outings (even though i'm super broke these days~{お金})

the next day, after returning home from driving lessons, i got a call from ws. and from her tone, she did really well!!(but still not enough for her to treat me choco buffet{ハム}


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