woke up early today and mainly due to exam results. i've really learnt how to put my priorities and i'm glad that the results show an improvement. however, i still felt that i could have done so much better. well, last semester to go......

today, i went out together with twins again! it seems that we've become so young. we talked alot and talked about our primary school lives. i still vaguely remember the 3 primary schools we moved to. thomson to toapayoh lor8 and back. we caught Spiderwick Chronicles today. it was amazing, i love{ハート} fantasy movies. furthermore, the villian died so pitifully. quite a brainless ogre.{げっ}

and oh! before the movie we wanted to get tragus piercing. the idiot sales person accepted my money and didn't access the suitability of whether my ears could be pierced. in the end it cannot. so i asked for a refund. however, it was after the payment before i am informed about that the shop do not accept refund. under contract law, i must get what i WANT right if not, he must pay me damages! law is so useful. i should have babbler a few case law to scared him. ha! but anyway the twins bought earrings instead. that CHEATER!

anyway we headed to St Peters Church for BBQ dinner{スイカ}. yummmy~ all the savory food, prawns especially.
and after dinner, we went around helping some of the guys to set up games around the church. three of us followed this guy to the third floor where it was rumoured to be haunted{おばけ}. being the usual timid us, we went up twice but still didn't managed to overcome our fear. so we called another girl to come along. we took the elevator up and when she stepped out of the door, she accidentally stepped on another guy's foot. and a series of scream followed(i didn't){汗}. that guy and the friend was trying to prank us and ran for their lives. very traumatic experience.{怒}


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