by stephanie meyers

wooh~ i'm looking forward for the movie which is only be showing in theaters at the end of this year. it's gonna be a really nice movie~ furthermore, cedric diggory acting as the main vampire{キラリ}...haha! i've just finish reading the 1st book in the series within a day. seriously gooood!{グッド}{グッド} i need to grab the second book soon~~!

i went driving today. and i was really glad i didn't choose 3A licence. because, i am seriously pissed off by the instructor. zzzzzz

anyway, on monday, we(lm,ws,zeph) went out again. they played mahjong earlier that day and i met them at NYDC for a farewell dinner for zephan~
afterwhich, the three of us, zeph, lm and me went to amk hub for midnight movie - 10,000bc together with qy and weijin. the movie was good, so exciting with all those scenes where people struggle for survival.
そして、AMKHubに映画をみにいきました。 10,000BCはおもしろかった。


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