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i scared the hell outta my sister with ashley as my accomplice.

it's so funny when you trick people.


i shall make this entry quick because i'm afraid there will be a sudden blackout. 3 blackouts happened in the last hour. ;(

yesterday i went to the peranakan museum together with christine, val and anna. it was free! after that we went to meet up with vincent to talk more about the project. in the end, we ended up chatting more than doing work. sighhh.

i love chit chatting with them. those what-ifs and futuristic questions.

today was okay, IBS was funny with a comedy by vincent and guanji. retail tutorial almost turned into a war during discussion. dropped by canteen 2 for lunch. had potato croquette again! then IBS lecture made me sleepy. after lecture some of tr01 went to consult sue tan for OIAP. =D then it was installing of software at level 6 and ourspace for cluedo.

wherever we are posted to, we just make the best out of it!



breakfast at cafe cartel was great. met up with ws, lm and qy. did alot of chitchatting. ws is going to hongkong yet again!

bad habits are hard to change. i took a nap during the afternoon while my sis tried waking me up, i shouted and went back to sleep...

so i missed the bbq
and ate leftovers.

friday wooes

i dragged myself to school. today was the first time we had service quality mgmt lesson. our tutor/lecturer was micheal chiam. he was great because he shared so many interesting incidents that happened to him during his previous jobs. so funny.

after that we had a 3 hour break and lunched at canteen 2 yet again. did some card readings for classmates. it was super funny like how waiwah get pregnant so early, val giving birth so many babies and how happy anna was when she would meet the ONE next year. afterwhich was lecture where i slept through most parts. lesson ended around 4pm and we(anna,cecilia,vinc,gj,ed) went to clementi's kfc for really early dinner. anna had coupons so we had buddy meal. after the meal was more chit chatting with friends. i was so interested in the talk that i didn't want to go for jap lessons.

in the end i went for the lessons and was a bit late. lessons was nice, but i slept for some parts because i'm so so tired. i wished the jap exchange progr…


today i woke up extremely early. it has been a month since i've drove. i was in a good mood until mistakes occurred and i incurred the wrath of the instructor. idiot.
so my super black face was there and more mistakes occur.

went home and slept for an hour till some point where dad ask me whether i need a ride to school. hungry for more sleep, i chased him away and woke up at 12noon and rushed to school. i was late. haha. i like WISP because the tutor is nice and has alot of things to share with us. and i don't particularly hate humcom tutor but i can't help sleeping in class because her lessons are so so boring!

went for lunch/dinner at canteen 2(again). saw christine and joined her. and i finally ate potato croquettes. have been craving for them for days. yumyum. after that the rest, (vinc,gj,ed,yy) went to ourspace for a game- risk. it was quite fun (but not as fun as bridge). but anyway gj and i got trashed by vinc. ed didn't play because he was busy trying to mak…

mysteriously good.

i woke up really late today. 10.30am when workshop was at 11am. dad was so kind enough to bring me to school! i went to the wrong venue which was 56 instead of 72. the end i rushed towards the room. saw hilda and meiting at canteen 1 where she told me my twin sister was sick. and then climb the stairs which is near the BA office. saw mr chia, the principle and smiled at him because i knew he was someone important. and then, i tripped and ALMOST fell. but pHEWWWW. i didn't mr chia was so kind to ask me whether i'm alright or not and knew that i was late for lessons. damn embarrassing.

so during the workshop, april ng announced that there'll be no tutorials on friday! yippeee! because we don't really need to learn anything from tourism project. so we'll be meeting her 1 hour every week.

after that it was lunch at canteen 2 and some of 01 peeps went to canteen 3. and then to retail lecture where i fell asleep. damn. after that there was an ex-lect of BA who c…

school's crazy!

tutorials have started. and this term's subjects are quite heavy. i'm glad for the fact that i would only need to take 3 exams.

monday other than tutorials, i remember staying back and played bridge for the longest time ever! vincent is a genius. he remembers cards and comes up with strategy very quickly when we were cheating. it was FUN. hahahaha

today i woke up late as i didnt have enough sleep since sunday. ugh. i missed lecture and went for tutorials. then it was break where most of TRo1 went to canteen2. i finally tried the jap food today. it was yummy. i like the potato croquette. yummyumm.

then it was another round of lecture with ms yee. after school we rushed to ACM for project brief. it's a very very challenging project. there's so much to do! after the meeting christine, jialing, anna, val, vincent and i went to marina square's long john silver. i missed the fries! haha. after that it was more bonding time and jialing went to meet her bf. it was such a …


sentosa trip together with superman.
i'm so glad that so many freshies turned up! mainly from grp9,7,4. hahaha. had a really enjoyable time playing captain ball, frisbee and not forgetting VOLLEYBALL! i miss playing volleyball and trainings so much.

it was such a nice sunny day.

then it was dinner at vivocity's rooftop. it's such a nice place to just <打消線>chill</打消線> hang out with friends. singing songs, chit chatting enjoying the nice sea breeze. and then it happened! gj took out a pack of cards and together with vincent and shuwen, they taught me how to play bridge.

and now, i'm hooked on the game

we played till so late and didn't wanted to go home. but monday's lesson is at 9am. yuck school.

to the zoo

michelle & me

dad's big face




use safari if you want to see the actual colours of the pictures. it looks disgusting in other browsers

more photos <リンク:>here!</リンク>

my day

today was a rather meaningful day. i tried to sleep at 3am this morning but i couldn't so i went to organise my super messy drawer. until i was real satisfied with the new neat drawer, it was already 6am.

i woke up 2 hours later to get ready for school.Tourism project was the first lesson of the day. anna and i came into the classroom at the same time. and i got a bear pencil from her! it was really cute. really very sweet of her. thanks alot.

we got assigned to a real company for this tourism project. it was either andersen's ice cream company or some museum company project. in the end the class settled by drawing lots. and our group (anna, val, vincent and christine) ended up with the museum. BORING! but we managed to come up with like 101 reasons to console ourselves. the lesson ended with a survey by an ex np grad studying in queensland university.

lunched at canteen 2. slice fish ban mian! yumyumm. proceed to ourspace thereafter for more chit chat session. headed for ret…

man eat man world.

it's MY first day in school. others have began since yesterday while i was still dreaming at home. and the first lecture, tourism markting. a subject similar to tlaw which requires a minimum of 12 to 16 hours of studying weekly.

after lecture there was lunch with other tr01 peeps. george was entertaining us about his crush-superman and their msn lovetalk.

seriously i think i'll burn in hell. so so so evil. i've been through it before and i knew how it would feel. argh

chocolate chip cookies and cheesecakes

ws, lm and zeph came over to bake cookies and cheesecake today!

school's starting tomorrow. i'll probably have lesser time to learn driving. haiiiz.

BaOC 2008

it was hella fun. superman rocks!

we have not only managed to meet new freshies, tr01 have become closer. during the last 3 days, i have uncovered many hidden sides of our classmates. i'm so glad we are involved in this.

the freshman's performance was super great, due to the constant training and practicing overlooked by guanji. and i thought that our pageants were the most gorgeous among all. pity that they did not win. the cheers were great, even though initially during the practice, most of the freshies seems uninterested. and also, the total points added together for all the games played during day 2, superman emerged the top.

i have throughly enjoyed myself, laughing constantly, amused by all the freshies. it's such a pity it will be the last BaOC we could participate in.
hectic but definitely fulfilling.

also, i need to get my ibm notebook fixed. the internet seems to hate it whenever it tries to connect the internet. =(
no more clubbox for now.


in the afternoon ashley accompanied me to make a new ezlink card. the service was damn fast, in less than 5 minutes my new card was ready.

after that we went shopping to vivo and hunted crazily for subway. headed towards orchard thereafter. we bumped into sinyee at heeren. it has been years since we have met and she changed alot on the outside, but inside, she is still the bubbly sinyee i knew since sec1. we were so excited when we saw her.

i swear, my heels almost killed my feet today.

goodbye pearl!

today there was BAoc preparation. learnt a new dance and managed to dance the "superman" dance with s.h.e's songs. it was rreally perfect{ピース}. after that cecilia, anna, sufang, jialing, guanji, vincent and edwin rushed to pearl's. it was a secret mission to surprise her. when we were trying to flag a cab, sufang fell into the drain{グズン}. it was so scary like the hole appeared suddenly. sufang is so accident prone nowadays. yesterday, she slipped and fell into the kiddy pool at the bbq. we also had a hard time finding pearl's home since she's living in a private area. the cab drivers{車} drove round and round{地球}, even had to depend on 2 different street directories for help. i was so afraid that pearl may already be on her way to the airport so i called her while in the cab. it was around 9.50pm at that time, and she's still packing! her flight was at 1.10am.{飛行機}

when we arrived we had a warm welcome from her family members. we went into her messy room,…


super duper

the bbq was a blast even though it was still raining{雨} from 4-6.30pm. the food were sinful but awesome. too bad some peeps couldn't make it. our year 1 microecons lecturer came with his daughter. super cute.
we also managed to surprised weijie with a belated birthday celebration.


for tues, i ate 1/2 bowl of porridge and chocopie for lunch and dinner. i also had a cup of honeydew ice blend bubble tea during dinner.

today, i had 1/2 bowl of rice for lunch and dinner. for dinner, i also had honeydew iceblend, chocopie and durian pudding.

i'm going to have bbq food tmr!