BaOC 2008

it was hella fun. superman rocks!

we have not only managed to meet new freshies, tr01 have become closer. during the last 3 days, i have uncovered many hidden sides of our classmates. i'm so glad we are involved in this.

the freshman's performance was super great, due to the constant training and practicing overlooked by guanji. and i thought that our pageants were the most gorgeous among all. pity that they did not win. the cheers were great, even though initially during the practice, most of the freshies seems uninterested. and also, the total points added together for all the games played during day 2, superman emerged the top.

i have throughly enjoyed myself, laughing constantly, amused by all the freshies. it's such a pity it will be the last BaOC we could participate in.
hectic but definitely fulfilling.

also, i need to get my ibm notebook fixed. the internet seems to hate it whenever it tries to connect the internet. =(
no more clubbox for now.


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