today i woke up extremely early. it has been a month since i've drove. i was in a good mood until mistakes occurred and i incurred the wrath of the instructor. idiot.
so my super black face was there and more mistakes occur.

went home and slept for an hour till some point where dad ask me whether i need a ride to school. hungry for more sleep, i chased him away and woke up at 12noon and rushed to school. i was late. haha. i like WISP because the tutor is nice and has alot of things to share with us. and i don't particularly hate humcom tutor but i can't help sleeping in class because her lessons are so so boring!

went for lunch/dinner at canteen 2(again). saw christine and joined her. and i finally ate potato croquettes. have been craving for them for days. yumyum. after that the rest, (vinc,gj,ed,yy) went to ourspace for a game- risk. it was quite fun (but not as fun as bridge). but anyway gj and i got trashed by vinc. ed didn't play because he was busy trying to make videos.

we left school at around 8 where i met jiahui AKA loiss at the busstop. we went home together and chat throughout the trip. it was pleasant meeting jiahui, she is nice to talk to.

and shit, i've realised since there is no PT tutorial on friday, i'm going to have a hard time for the whole sem, waiting 3 hours for the next lesson. boooooo!{BOO}


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