i shall make this entry quick because i'm afraid there will be a sudden blackout. 3 blackouts happened in the last hour. ;(

yesterday i went to the peranakan museum together with christine, val and anna. it was free! after that we went to meet up with vincent to talk more about the project. in the end, we ended up chatting more than doing work. sighhh.

i love chit chatting with them. those what-ifs and futuristic questions.

today was okay, IBS was funny with a comedy by vincent and guanji. retail tutorial almost turned into a war during discussion. dropped by canteen 2 for lunch. had potato croquette again! then IBS lecture made me sleepy. after lecture some of tr01 went to consult sue tan for OIAP. =D then it was installing of software at level 6 and ourspace for cluedo.

wherever we are posted to, we just make the best out of it!


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