friday wooes

i dragged myself to school. today was the first time we had service quality mgmt lesson. our tutor/lecturer was micheal chiam. he was great because he shared so many interesting incidents that happened to him during his previous jobs. so funny.

after that we had a 3 hour break and lunched at canteen 2 yet again. did some card readings for classmates. it was super funny like how waiwah get pregnant so early, val giving birth so many babies and how happy anna was when she would meet the ONE next year. afterwhich was lecture where i slept through most parts. lesson ended around 4pm and we(anna,cecilia,vinc,gj,ed) went to clementi's kfc for really early dinner. anna had coupons so we had buddy meal. after the meal was more chit chatting with friends. i was so interested in the talk that i didn't want to go for jap lessons.

in the end i went for the lessons and was a bit late. lessons was nice, but i slept for some parts because i'm so so tired. i wished the jap exchange program would be held earlier so that i could go too. but i would rather go for OIAP instead.


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