goodbye pearl!

today there was BAoc preparation. learnt a new dance and managed to dance the "superman" dance with s.h.e's songs. it was rreally perfect{ピース}. after that cecilia, anna, sufang, jialing, guanji, vincent and edwin rushed to pearl's. it was a secret mission to surprise her. when we were trying to flag a cab, sufang fell into the drain{グズン}. it was so scary like the hole appeared suddenly. sufang is so accident prone nowadays. yesterday, she slipped and fell into the kiddy pool at the bbq. we also had a hard time finding pearl's home since she's living in a private area. the cab drivers{車} drove round and round{地球}, even had to depend on 2 different street directories for help. i was so afraid that pearl may already be on her way to the airport so i called her while in the cab. it was around 9.50pm at that time, and she's still packing! her flight was at 1.10am.{飛行機}

when we arrived we had a warm welcome from her family members. we went into her messy room, took polaroids, crapped. when it was time to go, we hugged each other at her front yard and another group hug at the roadside.{ラブラブ}

we will all miss you pearl! do take care and blog everyday if possible. even rantings and complaints will be interesting. seeyou in 5 months time. work hard~{祝} hopefully you can meet kibum and if you manage to meet eunhyuk or donghae, kidnap them and mail them back to sg.

and oh, happy birthday eunhyuk!

my diet for today,
1/2bowlrice with soup and chocolate for brunch.
black carrot cake and a large cup of sugar cane for dinner.


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