my day

today was a rather meaningful day. i tried to sleep at 3am this morning but i couldn't so i went to organise my super messy drawer. until i was real satisfied with the new neat drawer, it was already 6am.

i woke up 2 hours later to get ready for school.Tourism project was the first lesson of the day. anna and i came into the classroom at the same time. and i got a bear pencil from her! it was really cute. really very sweet of her. thanks alot.

we got assigned to a real company for this tourism project. it was either andersen's ice cream company or some museum company project. in the end the class settled by drawing lots. and our group (anna, val, vincent and christine) ended up with the museum. BORING! but we managed to come up with like 101 reasons to console ourselves. the lesson ended with a survey by an ex np grad studying in queensland university.

lunched at canteen 2. slice fish ban mian! yumyumm. proceed to ourspace thereafter for more chit chat session. headed for retail mgmt lecture. it was BORING.

after that we went for the FOC day i think. cheered and cheered. but i don't think BA won anything.

it was around 5 plus when it ended. we headed to canteen 2 where we hangout and played games while waiting for edwin as he was having a meeting. we(sufang, cecilia, vin, guanji and shuwen) played lots of game. guanji is terrible at math games. HAHA.

it was around 6 when edwin's meeting ended. i headed to j8 and gj home while the rest went for dinner. met up with ashley to buy her shoes at charles and keith. the service sucks there. and i think the KFC in singapore is so lacking in chickens. last friday after baoc, we went to the kfc nearby school for dinner. THERE WERE NO CHICKENS LEFT. and then today, the kfc in j8 only has drums and wings. hmmm

ash and i talked alot as usual. shopped a whee bit here and there. got some pens and a super cool highlighter from popular. waited for the 1/2 priced sushi. and then walked back home where i got a call from mom.

i think she misses me cause she asked when is the next available holiday so tt i can go visit her for 2 weeks or so. but no. i'm not going to spend 2k on airplane tix just for a stay for 2 weeks. i miss my mom too it's 2 years already. i'm thinking of visiting her after graduating and probably stay with her for 3 months or so.

i'm calling her back later to ask her to shop some nice clothes for me

a super long entry because i feel like it.


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