mysteriously good.

i woke up really late today. 10.30am when workshop was at 11am. dad was so kind enough to bring me to school! i went to the wrong venue which was 56 instead of 72. the end i rushed towards the room. saw hilda and meiting at canteen 1 where she told me my twin sister was sick. and then climb the stairs which is near the BA office. saw mr chia, the principle and smiled at him because i knew he was someone important. and then, i tripped and ALMOST fell. but pHEWWWW. i didn't mr chia was so kind to ask me whether i'm alright or not and knew that i was late for lessons. damn embarrassing.

so during the workshop, april ng announced that there'll be no tutorials on friday! yippeee! because we don't really need to learn anything from tourism project. so we'll be meeting her 1 hour every week.

after that it was lunch at canteen 2 and some of 01 peeps went to canteen 3. and then to retail lecture where i fell asleep. damn. after that there was an ex-lect of BA who came in to do some survey thingy. she is so spontaneous and so fun. i wish i have a marketing tutor like her, i will definitely do well in her subject. the survey method was really interesting. and after the survey she even did a lucky draw to give gift certs to some peeps. after that i was so perked up that i managed to stay awake for the whole lecture.

after school today was more hanging out at ourspace and some card reading which is so funny. headed dinner with sufang, cecilia, vincent, guanji and edwin to clementi's KFC. dad brought me home after that and we talked more in the car. i feel so old la, i'm in the video tape's generation and have went through floppy disc, MD, pager, dageda and what nots.


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