school's crazy!

tutorials have started. and this term's subjects are quite heavy. i'm glad for the fact that i would only need to take 3 exams.

monday other than tutorials, i remember staying back and played bridge for the longest time ever! vincent is a genius. he remembers cards and comes up with strategy very quickly when we were cheating. it was FUN. hahahaha

today i woke up late as i didnt have enough sleep since sunday. ugh. i missed lecture and went for tutorials. then it was break where most of TRo1 went to canteen2. i finally tried the jap food today. it was yummy. i like the potato croquette. yummyumm.

then it was another round of lecture with ms yee. after school we rushed to ACM for project brief. it's a very very challenging project. there's so much to do! after the meeting christine, jialing, anna, val, vincent and i went to marina square's long john silver. i missed the fries! haha. after that it was more bonding time and jialing went to meet her bf. it was such a coincidence because we met cecilia and sufang there! they were going LJ for dinner too! so we sat together and crapped more.


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