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three muskeeters


pasir ris, pooled, narnia.

the 4-2-3 formation. =D


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rewards and exercise are necessary to keep me sane with all the projects.
looking forward to the almost 3 week holidays.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. - The alchemist

13. confessions

can't wait for 121208!
the trailer looks super good. i'm looking forward.

"You would have come," he promised
I tried to speak calmly. "Without a doubt."

fish&co and Indiana jones

met up with qy,zeph and ed after ppp & window display.
christine and her bf brought me all the way to cathay. so nice.

ed was super crazy. super high. no idea why. zeph on the other hand was so emo. quiet. they should add their characters together and divide them equally.

a nice cozy outing with dinner at fish & co and movies at PS golden village. the dinner was so fulfilling. qy was influenced by ed's appetite and i was influenced by zephan.
the movie was nice. but i don't really get some parts, a huge load of general knowlege and geography is needed. haha.

more weekly outings to come!{ドキドキ}

youth olympics

it is such a nice feeling being drive around by a friend. i really do hope i get my own licence soon. hitched a ride from val today from level 3 to the zebra crossing.
when i came out, i remembered seeing val struggling with the car rolling back. so funnnnnny!

there's still school tmr, PPP! apparently we can't graduate if we didn't attend it.
and and and the retail window display!

we will emerge stronger! =D

Robert Francis Kennedy - There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

dazzling beauty

christine is not in this pic

the two day road show was hectic, fun, crazy. just an extra day of the roadshow would be good. we could have made more profit. i shall use the leftover masks to beautify my face.

the day before the event, we stayed back to do some deco.
on the way home,
vincent handphone : beep beep beep
vincent: waiting, waiting.......
val: diiidiii pee diiidiii pee

looking into life

Everything happens of the best
It is a matter of moving your point of view around until you can see it.

- i've written on a piece of paper this meaningful quote i've came across in the past. found it between pages of my harry potter and the philosopher's stone book.

living every moment

ying2 needs to indulge in activities that do not require any money. like phototaking!

she's broke. no cash = no social life.
take a break, from the social scene.

up up upp uppp we gooooo!

we paid $1/minute for a ride on the flyer.
wanted to watch the sunset but in the end, the queue was suppppper long. so we ended up viewing the night scene.
cam-whored like CRAZY.
ah oh, melissa tan works at the flyer too! how nice

after the flight, we went to watch IRONMAN. it's a really nice show. i really like it even though we had to sit the first 3 rows and at the extreme right.
gerald also joined us, he was super late. the movie was 9.10pm.
at 9.30pm, the movie official started and gerald was at cityhall mrt.
he ran all the way to marina square GV.
bought the ticket at around 9.40pm. even though the movie started, and requested for seat C22.

fun day! it shall be remembered!

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seems that i was more vocal in the past, speaking up and stuff. childish. but i missed those days.

6 years ago,
i become 12 years old. i went tuition at 304 and knew people like gerald, bentink, daryl, weijin. limain also went to the same tuition, but i remembered the more attention seeking people. i didn't study for PSLE. I was also in the same class with my cousin, Tan Pei Xian. I remembered we had a big quarrel. it was my fault for being so. the year when my parents divorced, i had a step brother. it was tough, but i'm glad i've overcame it.

4 years ago,
i was 14, secondary 2. i BloG LiKE tHiS. my first blog post was on 26 october 2003. my close friends in class were charlotte wong, charlotte thompson, josephine, huifen, aline. the bunch of us like to go to ang mo kio library everyday after school and lunch at the cafe. we would always order potato wedges. the class had chalet every year at east coast. loved talking at the rocks. and i loved volleyball with close frien…

you can confide in

{虹} ANNA!

if i'm rich by the time you get married, i'll bao a really big ang bao for you.


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haven't been feeling like this for the longest time.



it feels that my brain isn't even mine. it's behaving absurdly.

start of another week

entering the 5th week of school. and it's hectic hectic hectic. i'm still not pulling up my socks yet.

my plans today was to study but i ended up going to watch the sleague match at jurong stadium. albirex vs bangkok university. but it was nice meeting xine, gayness, chishiho sensei as well as tomoko sensei! i also met with momo and her friend, cindy(ithink). sitting in front of the three girls almost made my ears go deaf! they scream as if they are watching horror movies, super high. haha.

anyway i can't wait for the new week to start.....

this gift

something to last for as long as you live.....{キラリ}

both the girls were late today.
lunched at popeyes, qy zeph and me.
shopped at marina square met serene and chatted for a while.
dinner at coffee club with gerald
movie was What happens in Vegas with edward and yuelong
photo count : 150

enjoyable day. more to come.


went for dinner at newyork newyork on sunday night after meetup with project group members at marina. seriously long day. but was rewarded with the yummilicious desserts.

and i was greeted by a new SkinFood outlet. more reasons to shop at amk hub heh.

then it was OIAP interview yet again. i wore a bit too formal compared to others. interview was smooth and relaxed. i hope i could get in. *cross fingers


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ying2 has fallen sick.
she deserves it.

it figures, the other day she was talking to somebody that she seldom fall sick. and then, it happens. just like when she was 15 she told my daddy about how seldom she lose her things, and then a few days later her wallet went missing.

how shit. </右>

crazy day and night!

yesterday was super long. schooled from 9am till 8pm. with submission of OIAP forms together with 01 peeps. so many people are applying to shangri-la.

after school i rushed to Cathay and met up with qy,lm, zephan, edward, chorkian, yongkai, weijin. for dinner and movies. gerald came to join us later and saw bentink in his SCDF uniform with his gf. had b&j merlion and watched Over Her Dead Body. quite funny film.

after the movies, the 5 of us (3girls + 2botaks) went to pooled and then my home.