seems that i was more vocal in the past, speaking up and stuff. childish. but i missed those days.

6 years ago,
i become 12 years old. i went tuition at 304 and knew people like gerald, bentink, daryl, weijin. limain also went to the same tuition, but i remembered the more attention seeking people. i didn't study for PSLE. I was also in the same class with my cousin, Tan Pei Xian. I remembered we had a big quarrel. it was my fault for being so. the year when my parents divorced, i had a step brother. it was tough, but i'm glad i've overcame it.

4 years ago,
i was 14, secondary 2. i BloG LiKE tHiS. my first blog post was on 26 october 2003. my close friends in class were charlotte wong, charlotte thompson, josephine, huifen, aline. the bunch of us like to go to ang mo kio library everyday after school and lunch at the cafe. we would always order potato wedges. the class had chalet every year at east coast. loved talking at the rocks. and i loved volleyball with close friends like victoria, sinyee, aline, dawn and desiree.

2 years ago,
i was 16, my closer friends were waisze, qingyu, limain, qingyu. school was great, movies almost every week. childish guy friends like stephanus, edward, zephan, gerald. i had a 16 year old bbq party. loved the presents that was given especially the dream catcher. i'm glad i know them. a major transition in my life and i'm glad i've gone through that. i had also become closer to my TWINS. and oh, my first time on to USA ALONE to visit mom.

1 year ago,
i was 17, super insecure about polytechnic life because all the others went to jc. but met with greatest lifelong friends ever. BM9 was the orientation group. i thought we would be closest friends ever. i had a really nice birthday when i didn't really wanted to celebrate it. jialing also had 2 cakes for her birthday. i remember doing up a birthday present for guanji with jialing at blk 56. it was tough work. anna's birthday was super funny because she has almost forgotten it. i remembered bootcamp which made me really sick with the crazy aircon, cruise with edwin's mosquito dance and yummy food, lasvegas trip where i managed to meet mom.

6 months ago,
it was november.

3 months ago,
it was february. it was the first time i donated BLOOD.

1 month ago,
was april. social life was great. made many new friends, also got closer with old friends.

2 weeks ago,
GINA's birthday

1 week ago,
i went to the flyer together with qingyu and zephan.

2 days ago,
i've reveal another side of me.

IS day. recieved my f21 package ( ^.^)

i drove. i was late for school, didn't went for lectures. however still went to school for sliced fish noodles. had a really heated up group conversation. sorry people.
still very stress, brain not here, still at china.

the long weekend is here, yay!


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