up up upp uppp we gooooo!

we paid $1/minute for a ride on the flyer.
wanted to watch the sunset but in the end, the queue was suppppper long. so we ended up viewing the night scene.
cam-whored like CRAZY.
ah oh, melissa tan works at the flyer too! how nice

after the flight, we went to watch IRONMAN. it's a really nice show. i really like it even though we had to sit the first 3 rows and at the extreme right.
gerald also joined us, he was super late. the movie was 9.10pm.
at 9.30pm, the movie official started and gerald was at cityhall mrt.
he ran all the way to marina square GV.
bought the ticket at around 9.40pm. even though the movie started, and requested for seat C22.

fun day! it shall be remembered!

<img src="http://fs1.us.cyworld.com/data1/2008/05/17/117/1211047117198515_file.gif" border=0 height=150> <img src="http://fs1.us.cyworld.com/data1/2008/05/17/074/1211047074866299_file.gif" border=0 height=150>


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