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hate school

i dread school work.
just another 1 1/2 months till exams.

a cute boy's picture to cheer me up =D



this an unedited shot by yours truly yesterday. couldn't take any shots of the sunset because siloso beach is not geographically facing west. the cozy outing was with qy, lm, zeph and jh. stayed from hot sunny afternoon till sundown, with my skin turning from yellow to crab red. headed for mainland at around 8 for romantic dinner at vivo open space. played bridge till 11pm.


today zeph, jh and i accompanied qy for lunch at amoy hawker. i've experienced the culture booking seats with tissue packets. after that was movie - don't mess with zohan with zephan. funny crap.


many events happened and i'm too lazy to blog about.

it was nice meeting all my little cousins over the weekend. they have grown alot. i have also learnt how to play 3pax mahjong. after much contemplation, i decided not to put the wedding photos up. because to me, the ceremony wasn't much of an importance. i am not happy because of the wedding nor did i went back because of it. i am happy because i managed to meet up with cousins who i haven't met in years.

i've put off everything for the holiday. now back to reality, projects and school work. sighh.. but looking on the bright side, school life only last for around 2 more months


ahhh! i failed. 36 points. be back by wed.



more to come! =D


we went to pasir ris for bowling. super fun.
also ate at newyorknewyork. and i really don't like the service there too just like amk hub.

after that headed to town and meet jinhao. chatted at the cathay b1 fish area because there's no seat at both ps and cathay's starbucks.

zephan is like super emo. cheer up man.
also chat with stephanus at night. he's always so funny.

{Homesick} I have so many things that I want to buy which money can't buy: happiness, freedom, family reunion....... says: (3:38:44 AM) n zeph's the fatter u r, e happier u r


there she goes to thailand.
for bigband and tvxq.
how fun eh.

she better buy some souvenirs for me


z says: ying jie..
z says: halo
z says: u ther?
y says: eah
y says: yeah
z says: eh..
z says: u got come back on next week?
y says: yes
y says: i am goingback
z says: hooray..!!
y says: why so happy?
z says: 3 years neva c u
z says: of cuz is happy
y says: oh
y says: so long ah
y says: didn't know that

time flies...

maybe holidays aren't such a good thing. it makes me lazy.

shopping outing

common tests are over.

we went shopping together with ed,vin and gj at bugis.

real fun day.

and seriously i don't know what came over me. cecilia and me went home by train and i took the opposite train. i was supposed to come out at cityhall for transit. but, i didn't i thought i was sitting the red line all along UNTIL... i reached tiong bahru. it was like, cityhall - raffles - tanjong pagar - outram - tiong bahru. so i sat all the way back to raffles. well, at least i've got a seat in the train at raffles.

dad bought a nitendo wii. and i think it's very useful for those who want to tone their arms.


study and shopped.
bought a pair of primavera's shoe at a bargain.
and ashley's eyecandy. haha
can't wait for more shopping tmr, after tmkt test.