birthday was a BLASTZ. i'm so so elated and definitely surprised. OMGOSH.
i was thinking of getting past 19 quietly and probably a small COZY dinner with family thats all. but what i've gotten was wayyyy past that. 19 rocks. celebrations just in time when projects are over and stuffs. ahaha

thank you all i wanna name all:
GINATAN & ASHLEY : the two blur sotong who show so many loopholes during the plan to surprise me. but i was surprise. thank you both for the reallly nice super duper lil. dinner at HARD ROCK. I LOVED IT. it was so nice. i like the balloon parts the most. birthdays = ballooonssss. i'm touched to the max. and the quality of the balloon because it is still floating for 2 days already. AHAHA.

TR01[anna, val, jialing, sufang, cecilia, christabel, shuying, christine, jiawen, peggy, juchi, waiwah, apple, george, edwin, vincent, weijie, yongcheng, weizhi] :  thankyou all for the gift. i will use it. and buy something that i would use for OIAP. and of course the birthday song. which was so awkward LMAO. anna being caught in the act was so so funnyyyyy.

DAD & STEPMOM & AARON & MICHELLE & JINGJING : for the jap dinner at turf club. it wasn't yummilicious and we were the only customers from 6-8pm. for dad don't know how to distinguish between octopus and squids. DAD for always being so supportive of me. someone who will always respect my decisions and knows me more than i know myself. he who would always try to come up with cold jokes making me happy.

LASTLY the cherry on top of the cupcake.

for the first 7 who came to my home 11+ in the night just now to celebrate it before 21 JULY ends. it was so late and they had work/school tmr.
funniest thing happened where i was napping before they came and had to call my sister for help to wake me up and i didn't want to.
however in the end the guerrilla attack was successful i was caught unaware. i've never expected them to come so late in the night.
i loved the bday card and the comments that they wrote very thoughtful. waisze's handwriting imitation was also so alike. i love the present it is so cool. i'll definitely wear it to china!
i feel so touched that you all have been so thoughtful to put up this surprise to me. i'm reallllllly v v v v happy and embarrassed to see allow u all to see me halfawake.
for the rest 4 its a pity u all can't come. but we'll meet up next week ahaha. i love the messages on the card too.
you all made a huge impact in my life since sec school. i'm so glad so honored that you are all here for me. i must have done some really good stuff in the past to deserve such good karma.

TWINS: thanks for well wishes. i'm sorry that we can't go out but we'll definitely find a day to do so. thank you for all your support in my life. we have known each other 12 years (and counting). though we didn't go out together as often but i still believed that you both are always there for me whenever i need support.

MORE PEOPLE: GERALD for the totally random phone call but i really appreciated that, ALINE, YUELONG, SHUANGSHUANG, for remembering and smsing good wishes. THANKKKK YOUUUUU!

i hope i've named all. x.x

thank you all for making the first day of my last teenager year to be so exciting. something i did not expect for. i can't wait for the future and enjoy the last year before i hit the BIG 2s.

i'll remember this day whenever i'm feeling down or need a lil. push or support in my life. thank you thankyou gracias gracias kamsahamida arigatou iroiroosewaninarimashita xie xie xie.

 i'm so intrigued at how relationships are happy things, so out of the world and something to be treasured. it gives me the motivation to smile and be happy for the rest of my lives.

i'm the happiest person right now.





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