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out with ws for shopping. ws have incurred huge losses.

we did more pampering to ourselves, pedicure. i burst out laughing when the pedicurist scrub my feet.

and then it was more chit chat sessions where i asked her the dilemmas of staying at hostel. i wanted to prepare myself for my trip to china. for example, what do you do when you want to fart?

after that, i met up with sis,ash and vanna for dinner at miss clarity cafe. food was not bad, the desserts was yummmmmm.

girls to ladies

girls' day out today with ws & qy.
we are mutating into vain pots soon. did eyebrow PLUCKING and manicure, perfect girly activities. bought stuffs too, ws - a 4 1/2 inch killer heels and i bought another novel to kill my time.

and quote from qy,"jamie so pretty now no time for us le haha"

i can't wait for the weekend outing.

tr01's bbq

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onaka ga IPPAI! =D
takusan o tabeta, oishiikatta. sigh, demo futou ni narimasuyo.
btw, can you spot the five lecturers?

bonvoyage for christine and koonchin who will be leaving tmr for their OIAP. all the best. {マト緑}

would you rather...

karaoke session at cineleisure today with zeph, gary and yk. was supposed to meet at 10.30am. but there is this group tradition. so in the end, we sang from 2-7pm. yk was really bored in the end.

had our dinner at pastamania. and somehow, a cockroach appeared, a baby one. damn disgusting. yk was like using his hand to sweep it away from the table to the floor then it was near zephan, and then instead of killing it, he KICKED it to ME! zzzz. so it was scrambling towards me, so i crushed it.

and then, the highlight of the day was talk cock session at starbucks. where we talked about the future. qy told me to blog about what we have talked about, i tried to. but i've forgotten most of it. i only remembered they think i will be the first to get married and the last person to wed is yk.

like a child

when i look back, i think i'm so childish.
even now, i think childish.

sigh when can i grow up?



my twins

omgosh, i miss them so so so much.

we have gone through so much that time will not erode our friendship away. i know that you both will be there for me no matter what. saranghae~{蝶}

fans of jing.

haha. edwin just told me that my sister is so cute and that he kept playing the video i have blogged the other day.

at butterfactory

the nicest clubbing experience.{バラ}
we were so crazy shouting for jamie.

initally our moods were really dampen because it was so so so hard to find our way to ntu. and the bus trip there was so packed. oh, and we didn't bring camera to take qy,lm & annette's virgin clubbing experience. haha.

GO! J A M I E ! {1ばん}

coffeebean and coffeeclub

a treat after a day of hard work.

jaslyn tan

i tell you. my 3 year old sister knows how to act cute. {うさぎ}

don't believe me?

look at this.

change of roles

we went shopping. shopping was quite fun. lol zeph's is getting more and more metro each day. seems like the girls and the guys switched roles

this neoprint is really funny because gary was wearing green that day and the backdrop was also green. so when the first shot was taken, gary's body disappeared. so in the midst of all the shouting and panicking, gary wore zeph's shirt and we continue the shots.

anyway, we dined at hongkong cafe in the evening and they played pool after that. the day ended off with us rushing for the last train back home. FUN FUN FUN


grow hair G R O W =/

seriously, i always regret cutting my hair.


a study trip.

money not enough la

zzz at zephan's photography.

we had b&j at cathay with 2 other guys, gary & zeph. and caught money not enough 2. after that was shopping.

jap outing

its funny to see how far the girls could go in order to read the "forbidden" magazine.


jibun no kimochi wakarimasen.

we went to pitstop cafe. together with poly guys like, yk,ck,gary and jc guys like zeph and ed.

and i finally met up with ws! i think still need to catch up more on updates on her life. (ws, go blog more la.)

wish you loads of luck man for upcoming hostel "contest". lol. univ life is so fun.
and oh, ed is leaving for brunei i think, good luck in killing the lizard. and when he returns gary's leaving for beijing and ying2 also leaving for shanghai. so dont have much time to meet up already. i'll really miss weekly outings. go sign up for skype. we can have weekly video conference. i'm really glad that we are so so so so so so much closer than before. i really hope i dont miss out much when i'm gone for 5months. {ハートブレイク}

anyway after outing, we wanted to head for karaoke but in the end. too expensive. so we went to continue play bridge at mac, opp lib. fun. wanted to go play the swing nearby, but gary was afraid and he influenced me, lol. went to playground b…




甘い記憶 Sweet memories※

Don't kiss me baby we can never be
So don't add more pain
Please don't hurt me again
I have spent so many nights
Thinking of you longing for your touch
I have once loved you so much

遠い記憶 Sweet memories


Final Year Project Presentation

finally, this semester is gonna end really soon. part of the stress level have been lifted today where we had the fyp presentation at the intercontinental today. i think that all groups did really well.

today seem like an evaluation of what we did all the three years in ngee ann. like what we had learnt and how much we had grown.

here's me in action. haha

a final presentation, a final performance we had prepared for three years. i would like to thank everyone especially our group:

anna, christine, vincent, val & me. we look so smart {ユニミー紫}

poly life have been so colourful, so fulfilling. i think i had learnt so much, experience so much, grown so much.

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i loved the buffet lunch at the olive trees today. desserts are sinfullll.

we headed to flyer for dinner at popeyes too. i think everyone is so happy that they could eat so much{キラピンク}