jibun no kimochi wakarimasen.

we went to pitstop cafe. together with poly guys like, yk,ck,gary and jc guys like zeph and ed.

and i finally met up with ws! i think still need to catch up more on updates on her life. (ws, go blog more la.)

wish you loads of luck man for upcoming hostel "contest". lol. univ life is so fun.
and oh, ed is leaving for brunei i think, good luck in killing the lizard. and when he returns gary's leaving for beijing and ying2 also leaving for shanghai. so dont have much time to meet up already. i'll really miss weekly outings. go sign up for skype. we can have weekly video conference. i'm really glad that we are so so so so so so much closer than before. i really hope i dont miss out much when i'm gone for 5months. {ハートブレイク}

anyway after outing, we wanted to head for karaoke but in the end. too expensive. so we went to continue play bridge at mac, opp lib. fun. wanted to go play the swing nearby, but gary was afraid and he influenced me, lol. went to playground but left again because gary says playground is u know... zzz. left for risk at void deck till about 6am where we parted our ways home. spartan spartan. fight fight fight. battle battle.

i duno what i'm typing now. so random. and so much broken english. but i really enjoyed my day esp since i missed the last outing lol. and i dont feel like sleeping now though my eyes hurts.



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