would you rather...

karaoke session at cineleisure today with zeph, gary and yk. was supposed to meet at 10.30am. but there is this group tradition. so in the end, we sang from 2-7pm. yk was really bored in the end.

had our dinner at pastamania. and somehow, a cockroach appeared, a baby one. damn disgusting. yk was like using his hand to sweep it away from the table to the floor then it was near zephan, and then instead of killing it, he KICKED it to ME! zzzz. so it was scrambling towards me, so i crushed it.

and then, the highlight of the day was talk cock session at starbucks. where we talked about the future. qy told me to blog about what we have talked about, i tried to. but i've forgotten most of it. i only remembered they think i will be the first to get married and the last person to wed is yk.


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