kill one calculate one. ginger adult

meet zeph at 1pm(we meet on timeeee!{腕時計}) to go to bugis for shopping and sharing of his zouk event experience. quite funny.
then gary came at 2pm while we snacked at J.Co donuts.{マグカップ}
lunched at around 2.30pm when edward came with stories of his brunei trip. really gross.{ショック}
went to play arcade right after.{コントローラー}
qingyu joined us around 4.30pm. we rested at J.Co donuts again.{バトン赤}
edward left after counting and becoming more depressed as the time reaches nearer to his book in time.
headed to dhoby ghaut for another round of arcade. where yongkai joined us at around 7pm.
dinner at PS xin wang which was overwhelming. i was full to the brim. more chitchatting.

so many repetitions. JCO -> lunch -> arcade -> Jco -> arcade -> dinner.

and i forgot to add, i think there's something wrong with my perception of beauty. because i think an exclassmate of mine looks like jay chou. and there's a jolin tsai lookalike in school.


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