luck and unluck are of equilibrium

i've been facing a week of mental and physical turmoil. i need to rant.

a good start and a shock and disappointment in the middle of the week. followed by ache and pains throughout my body. backache, and a throbbing headache and a tummy ache and random muscle aches that attack randomly. i'm sweating and yet i'm feeling cold. i don't have appetite to eat and i do wish it comes back soon. gah, i just pull out like 10 strands of hair! もしかしてステレス!?! this is how i passed my weekend.

feeling blue.

i've thought of somethings that could lift my mood up.
#2 the real driver license (edwin says around 2 weeks)
#3 a sudden windfall of cash
#4 gah, the aching to stop
#5 oh, and a dslr.


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