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a long day.

this picture will illustrate how welcomed we are at the hotel.
of course, meiqing and i are very elated and excited.

okay. hectic day since yesterday. we hadn't had a good rest! 24 hours isn't enough. since we met yesterday at the embassy to collect our visas, pay for the air ticket. then flying off in the night. we didn't had a good rest.
arrived in pudong,shanghai early in the morning. safe and sound. the hotel sent us a car to drive us from the airport. it took 2 hours from the airport to the hotel. it was awfully awkward in the car. but we managed it.
arrival at the hotel we are whisked off into their pace and before i could realised, we are in our cozy room. it feels like home here. 
after that was breakfast. and the assistant f&b manager give us a tour around the hotel. we bought our phone cards afterwards. currently can't use the card to call overseas but we could accept overseas called. we also went shopping at a super market. it feel like shopping at gian…


i didn't know there was another hurdle waiting for us, leaving, is difficult because i hadn't really thought about that in the beginning. it's only when i realised that i have only less than 12 hours left that part of me felt that i might miss the comfort of my home.

i'm leaving for suzhou tonight to embark on a new chapter of my life.

new beginnings


i shall bid my good byes to laksa, chicken rice, popiah, nasi lemak, lor mee, fried carrot cake, fried kway tiao.

and embrace xiaolongbao.

we went to do our visas today. and it's been smooth sailing so far(cross fingers). the best part, hotel accommodation, three meals (with two at the restaurant).
what more could we ask for.

lucky number

i washed my hair twice today.

once before i went out.
another when i come home.
i wash my hair on alternate days.

a bird from orchard road decided to land shit on my hair.

kind sarah help me to clean the shit. while other people who suffer the same fate have to clean it off themselves.

the great 80

my family dinner to celebrate grand uncle 80th birthday.

it was like a dinner for 100 over people. extended family and i didn't know half of the people there. it was quite funny when each of the family come up to take photos with my grand uncle. this photo, you can't see grandma's face. because, she kept fidgeting around and NOT looking at the camera. it was so hilarious.


we met after a long long long time.
we town for a while and i bought a red laptop case.
and i also received a red bracelet from ashley. thanks alot!

stage: CLEARED!

just got a great news from mrs sue tan. apparently the ipa is approved and gonna be DHL-ed to sg by next week.

if all goes well, meiqing and i will be flying off next week. i do hope ed and vinc gets their visa soon too. then we can fly altogether.

cool man. i'm gonna start packing my bag and maybe buying a new camera for the trip.

anyway, on wed, we(pearl,ed,vinc) sent gj,cecilia,sf off to beijing. and stayed really late at the airport. it's nice to get driven around. ed is a crazy taxi driver.


i sigh i sigh i sigh sigh sigh
i heave a sigh of relief

pick up from where i left

i sigh i sigh i sigh sigh sigh.


meaningless struggle.

i'm disappointed.

they say good things come to those to wait.

i've took my first chance, failed and waited for the next.
i could almost taste it the sweetness of success.
but nothing comes out of it.
what for?
what am i hoping for anything.
i'm just clinging on a hopeless dream.

is this meant to be a wild goose chase afterall?
is this needed to let me learn something?
it's back to zero.

so freaking frustrating.
damn damn damnit.


i meet up with ashley today. got loads to share about since we havent met each other for about a month.
shopped and spent.
was looking for a toy but can't find it.

i want a puchi puchi!{赤ちゃん}

see you soon

the otherday, gj smsed me "see you soon?". and i thought that there's probably some class meeting or OIAP meeting soon. but no.

few days later aka today, i bumped into him. and together we met his sugar mummy.