the tip of tian ping

look at our bitter faces.

we went to climb and conquer the well known tian ping shan. but we've went there a little too early because the maple trees is still green, the leaves are not yet orange. it will be once it gets colder

a ticket for RMB18, and two for RMB 15 each.

before heading to tian ping shan, we went to have our first KFC meal. it's so much different from singapore. also, we both feel that it's a kind of luxury food because a meal at normal places are priced at a quarter.

because of the unsatisfying meal, we decided to buy some snacks from the roadside stalls. of course, it's cheap and tasty yet unhealthy and definitely much dirtier.

after buying the food, i saw the uncle using his bare, dirty uncut nails, hands to do the rice cake satay. hygiene standards in china is like so.

therefore, i shall pretend i have seen nothing.

we sat 2 buses to get to tian ping shan. there is many locals going over and alot of students having BBQ and outing.

the climb was about an hour up and an hour down. it wasn't very easy because as we get nearer to the tip, you'd have to choose the better route up the rocks. we even saw girls wearing high heels!

some routes are super small and you'd have to squeeze in so as to pass through. it was rather fun.

since we haven't exercised for some time, we almost gave up during the hike up because it was super tiring. it's no bukit timah ya know.

but we never gave up because this two sweet old couples kept climbing and climbing. the old grandpa even cheered us on, the grandma was hunch back and even have difficulties walking.

so we persevered on!

oh, there is alot of people setting up stations to sell refreshments like drinks and fruits along the way for hikers. the price is ridiculously high. but in the end i ate a piece of watermelon and mq ate rock melon.

and of course, along the way, mq keep thinking about food. like fried rice cakes. which costs 0.50rmb. she's eating the ting ting candy which she bought at the foot of the mountain.

i'm so glad we persevered and climb all the way to the top because the scenery up there is so so pretty. i almost wanted to stay there till sunset but because it won't be easy climbing down especially in the dark.

when we decided to go home, we saw a food stall at the entrance of the tian ping. this auntie sells a vegetable pancake which taste like the singapore's prawn fritter pancake. super yummy and much cleaner at a higher prices for each stick of snack.

meiqing settled her rice cake craving over here although it doesn't taste as nice as the stalls at our area.


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